Month: August 2018

Dario Pegoretti dies – Legendary bicycle frame builder dies

Dario Pegoretti, one of the world’s most beloved and important bicycle frame builders, died suddenly from heart disease on Thursday, according to the Italian Cyclinside website. He had previously survived a bout with lymphoma in 2007 and made a full recovery. Pegoretti, 62, was considered one of the great modern carpenters, even though his preferred […]

A new standard has finally been developed to measure the range of electric bikes

These days there seems to be an endless supply of new e-bikes being announced every week. From inexpensive e-bikes with just 7.5 mi (12 km) of range to specialty e-bikes with 400 mi (643 km) of range. But consumers have always had to take these range estimates with a grain of salt due to the […]

10 tips to make your e-bike faster

Whether you want to feel the wind in your hair like Tom Cruise racing an F-14 Tomcat on the track in Top Gun or just want to get to work faster, there are several ways to increase the speed of your electric bike. Here, we’ll cover the top 10 methods for getting more speed out […]

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