Month: March 2021

Developers Plan Indoor Velodrome for Bike Racing, Events Center in Coatesville | Community News

Coatesville could become the first indoor velodrome on the East Coast, offering cycle track racing for events from local level to Olympic and international-caliber competitions. Joseph “Zeke” DiSciullo of the Coatesville Redevelopment Authority told Coatesville City Council at its March 22 meeting broadcast on YouTube that an agreement had been reached with developers to convert […]

A mechanical engineering student designs and builds an electric bicycle

While some people took on the early challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic by taking advantage of Netflix specials or catching up on sleep, Ben Grice, a mechanical engineering junior from Louisiana Tech University, used his free time to design and build an electric mountain bike. When the pandemic hit last spring, Grice was determined to […]

ZEITBIKE now exclusively distributes MILES RACING bicycle brake pads in the United States

VENTURA (ZEITBIKE) – ZEITBIKE now exclusively distributes bicycle brake pads from the famous German brand – MILES RACING. Miles Racing has a long history in the professional brake component industry since the 1980s. The business started with a group of friends in a rural suburb of Germany who were passionate about horseback riding and that […]

The easiest way to charge an e-bike with solar energy (even at night!)

There’s just something so natural about charging an e-bike from solar power. Electric bikes are already such eco-friendly alternatives to cars that they make me want to go all the way and charge them in a form that also feels eco-friendly – with the solar power that I myself produced on site. I have already […]

E-bike prices are rising, and it’s not just because pricing exceptions have expired

Electric bike prices have followed a rollercoaster trajectory over the past few years. While there are still several great options for low-cost e-bikes on the market, prices are trending up right now. Here’s why. The ongoing trade war between the US and China isn’t the only reason for inflated e-bike prices, though that certainly hasn’t […]

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