6 reasons e-bikes are booming and why you should buy one for traveling

E-bikes are on the rise for all the right reasons. These are gaining popularity due to the multiple benefits they provide to people and the environment. They say, “cycling makes holidays more fun” and we totally agree.

In the United States, there is an increase in electric bicycles, more than 21 million bicycles are sold this year. Sales increased by 145% compared to the previous year. Many countries promote e-bikes by creating different lanes on the roads for them and allocating separate parking areas.

People who thought traveling long distances was tiring or very expensive are embracing e-bikes for their ease of pedaling and creating a user-friendly environment. These bikes take you to the hills and give you precious happiness. It has many health benefits and is designed for all ages. They may be slower than your car, but get you to your destination with less effort and sometimes in less time.

Here are 6 good reasons why e-bikes are becoming increasingly popular and why you should buy one for travelling.

1. They save you money

One of the main reasons for the uprising against e-bikes is that they help people save money. They’re less expensive than other forms of transportation like cars and motorbikes, and you can often take them to work, the office, or college, or take them on a long drive to make the most of your day.

You don’t need to pay for fuel and it’s cheaper to maintain than a car. Plus, e-bikes aren’t charged for parking in most places, are much easier to ride, and can be handled comfortably by anyone of any age, unlike cars and heavy bikes that are far too expensive. . The battery usually lasts 1000 charges or more. And if you use an electric bike instead of your car, you will also save a lot of time to reach your destination.

2. E-bikes are good for the environment

Climate change is the biggest problem people are facing right now, not only because of pollution, but also because it contributes to the spread of disease. As everyone focuses on reducing emissions and using fossil fuels, e-bikes are becoming a big help. If you drive a car, try replacing it with an e-bike when going to college, work, or for long trips.

E-bikes help reduce your contribution to pollution and traffic. Compared to other means of transport, these do not generate noise. Even better, they’re more environmentally friendly because they don’t emit carbon dioxide like cars and motorcycles do.

3. They give your sanity a boost

Electric bikes allow you to enjoy the action of cycling and add the mental boost of exercise and fun at the same time, while surrounding you with beautiful scenery.

But one of the best things about cycling is that it can improve your mental health. Being outdoors is already a sign of an active mind and when cycling becomes an essential part of it, it is known to improve your mental health and help reduce stress in your life.

You can sometimes take a break and go for a ride, enjoy nature and ride on trails. These factors will help you feel better and much more lively and fresh than before.

4. They are safer than the standard bike

We understand that cycling is a much smarter option than any other means of transport, but you should know that e-bikes are safer even compared to standard bikes. When most bicycle accidents happen, they happen in roundabouts or intersections. In fact, it is sometimes difficult to pull away or stop quickly to avoid a collision.

The e-bike motor provides the power-cutting motion when you need it. You won’t have to worry about making a sharp turn or braking quickly when you need to.

5. They make travel more accessible

As well as allowing you to experience leisurely days, e-bikes create a personal rhythm for their riders and help them through whatever challenges they may encounter, so in the end it’s worth what you worked for. .

Most travelers encounter long-distance tours with their bicycles. The majority of those who opt for e-bikes are new to long bike tours and often come back with a few experiences or pick up a few friends so they can all have fun together.

Electric bikes are changing people’s approach to travel and will soon be the only choice for many people.

Along with other obstacles, climbing mountains and in cityscapes is a big challenge, but e-bikes can also hold you back in these scenarios and allow you to move easily to different destinations.

6. You can transport your e-bike to your next destination

If you’re flying or going for a long weekend, you can easily take your bike with you by folding it up and keeping it in your suitcase. Arrived at your destination, unfold your bike and hit the road again. It should be noted that not all batteries can be taken on planes due to the risk that lithium poses, but a 300 Wh Li battery can be packed with extra care in your hand luggage.

If you own an e-bike that isn’t foldable, unscrew its parts, pack them up, and take them wherever you want. Because the package comes with the fully constructed steps to mount and dismount your bike for travel purposes, it’s easier than ever.

final verdict

These are just a few of the many benefits of buying an e-bike. And with all these advantages, there is also a question about which electric bike you should buy. Due to a booming market, many options are available for e-bikes. Some of them are expensive, while others are reasonable. You need to do some research before buying one and if you want to save some money, you can always use electric bike discount codes. Electric bike brands include Aventon, Rad Power and more.

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