99 Spokes integrates with Call2Recycle

Feature enables comparison of e-bikes by participating in the recycling program, gives buyers more choices when it comes to environmental impact

May 2022 — 99 Spokes, a popular bike comparison site and the world’s largest public bike archive, makes it easier for consumers to support brands that participate in the e-bike battery recycling program administered by Call2Recycle and endorsed by PeopleForBikes. With a new search function, users can filter results to view participating brands when shopping for their next e-bike.

“When we heard about the Call2Recycle program, we were immediately thrilled to incorporate it into the site,” said 99 Spokes co-founder Scott Alexander. “We think most people want to do the right thing when it comes to disposing of an end-of-life e-bike battery, but the support has to be there. The work that Call2Recycle does in running and supporting a nationwide network of local bike shops, each operating as actual e-bike battery recycling points, is truly awesome.

“We are thrilled that e-bike industry leaders like 99 Spokes continue to build on and strengthen the e-bike battery recycling program,” said Rob Latham, Call2Recycle e-bike program manager. “By making recyclability information more readily available to consumers, 99 Spokes’ new search feature will help e-bike buyers and riders across the United States better understand their options and their impact on our environment.”

A joint initiative to manage end-of-life e-bike batteries, the e-bike battery recycling program launched in November 2021 and singled out the bicycle industry as the first transport sector to come together in a single program battery recycling. Call2Recycle has partnered with the bicycle industry trade association, PeopleForBikes, on the program, which was designed in conjunction with a sustainability task force and an e-bike committee comprised of more than 40 industry leaders. the bicycle industry from 20 PeopleForBikes member companies. 99 Spokes will highlight the program via a Call2Recycle badge on affected bikes in the comparison chart and inviting users to learn more about the program via a link to an article with more information.


About 99 spokes: 99 spokes is a bike shopping website that aims to help people compare bikes from multiple manufacturers in one place, including specs, gear charts, frame geometry, pricing and stock availability. 99 Spokes also partners with brands in the cycling industry by providing data, typically used for market benchmarking as well as supporting other user-facing features (e.g. model search biking).

About Call2Recycle: Operating with a commitment to safety and environmental excellence, Call2Recycle is the nation’s premier battery collection, logistics and recycling program. Founded in 1994, the nonprofit organization has safely and responsibly collected and recycled more than 140 million pounds of batteries across the United States. Visit us at call2recycle.org.

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