A documentary about blind cyclists who race across America will premiere this weekend at NOLA

Here’s what’s featured in Friday’s Louisiana Considered:

This week the National Federation of the Blind holds its annual convention in New Orleans. And among the workshops on accessibility in technology and the discussions on braille developments, there is the release of an exciting new documentary. Surpassing Sight is a film that tells the story of a team of blind cyclists tackling the world’s toughest bicycle race, Race Across America.

The two main subjects of the film, entrepreneur and association founder Dan Berlin, and lawyer of Meta Jack Chen, joined Louisiana Considered executive producer Alana Schreiber to discuss the message behind the documentary. They were also joined by producer and filmmaker Lucas Behnken.

But first, a hearing is underway in Orleans Parish Civil District Court on the laws triggering the state’s abortion ban as Judge Ethel Simms Julien considers whether the laws are unconstitutionally vague. But that’s not the only trial supposed to take place today. Until the U.S. Supreme Court intervened, a hearing was scheduled on congressional redistricting.

Editorial Director and Columnist of The Advocate Stephanie Grace joins us in breaking it all down and discussing what might happen next.

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