A dramatic and unforgettable wedding entrance

A groom made a dramatic entrance to his wedding in Parma, Italy when he roared on a dirt bike as his excited bride waited on the side of the road with a checkered flag. But, as he rounded the bend, honking his horn in excitement, he lost control and was thrown to the ground as reception guests screamed in horror. He broke his collarbone and was taken to hospital.

WHAT MAKES YOU THINK IT BELONGS TO ME? : A man denied having a six-month-old kangaroo in his possession when questioned by Pennsylvania game wardens who suspected him of illegal wildlife importation. So they raided his home in Littleton and found the animal in his bedroom closet.

SO THIS GUY SEEMS TO MATCH THE DESCRIPTION: A man, wearing only a cowboy hat and nothing else, approached a woman on a bicycle in Medley, Florida, asked her for a blowjob at crack and attacked her when she said she didn’t. have a. Cops found him three days later still naked and sleeping in a tent in Hialeah. There were two cowboy hats in the tent.

APPEARENTLY HIS DEBIT CARD DIDN’T WORK: Someone blew up an ATM at a Bank of America in Palmdale, California at 5.30am but failed to withdraw any cash of the machine.

THINK OF IT AS AN ARTISTIC EXPRESSION: A 35-year-old man started smoking meth, then covered his face and upper chest in black paint at his mother’s home in Madera, California. He refused to explain to the police why he did this. when they came to arrest him under an outstanding warrant.

IS IT ME OR IS IT HOT OUTSIDE? A very drunk man took off his clothes at a gas pump in Ephrata, Pennsylvania, then entered the convenience store, pulled several bags of ice cream from the freezer and jumped inside.

COME ON, DON’T BE SHY: A woman found a briefcase full of sex toys worth nearly $600 when her dog started sniffing at her during their walk in Dorset, England. She is trying to find her rightful owner who has not yet come forward.

ALSO, THERE WILL BE NO TIP: A very drunk man, who ordered chicken biryani at a Bangladeshi restaurant in New York, claimed he had received the wrong order and threw the food in the cashier’s face. He returned at 6 a.m. the next morning and attempted to burn the place down, dotting the front of the business with gasoline, but walked away from the scene with his shoes on fire.

THINK THIS MUST BE OUR GUY: A man tried to slice his friend with a razor during a ‘cell phone verbal argument’ in Pasco County, Florida. Police had no trouble locating him because he has a Florida state tattoo in the middle of his forehead.

BUT, OFFICER, THE HORSE WAS SOBER: A horseback rider galloping through traffic in Whittier, California, refused to stop for police and was arrested for drunk driving following a brief pursuit.

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