A new e-bike shop celebrates its opening with a light mural on the wall

A TALENTED university student has embellished a wall at Pinehurst with a mural celebrating Swindon.

The exterior of E-Motion Electric Vehicle Company at the corner of Poplar Avenue and Cricklade Road had been vandalized with graffiti, so manager Mark Butler wanted to tidy it up a bit.

He and local artist Ken White inspired Lydiard Millicent’s 20-year-old illustration student Adam Whitehead to paint his first mural during the summer break between studying at Falmouth University.

Adam said: “We talked about different designs, positions and ideas, starting with black and white and moving on to color.

“I wanted to do something unique for the store. It took a month and a half from start to finish, with a few gaps.

“I’m very proud of it and I’m thankful and thankful to have had this opportunity from Mark, it’s not an opportunity you get often. I hope to have more opportunities to do more murals at the future.”

A mural created on the side of E-Motion in Pinehurst

The finished piece – titled The Pinehurst Peloton – features Christ Church, the David Murray John Tower, a Virgin Atlantic airplane (in reference to the “flying lady” logo designed by Ken White) and four cyclists in the likeness of Adam, the store staff. and their relatives.

Adam put the finishing touches on the cycling-themed mural earlier this week before heading back to college. The boutique held a small ceremony with their friends and loved ones to mark the occasion.

Mark added: “The wall was a bit messy so we asked a local boy to do something fun that would make people smile. He got great feedback, everyone seems to like him. ”

The specialty store opened in 2011 after transforming a former off-license into a retail space and workshop to sell, repair, service and customize new and used electric commuter and mountain bikes.

Each bike has a pedal-assisted electric motor, allowing riders to travel up to 90 miles on a single charge, although the range decreases the faster you need to go.

Mark said: “We’ve seen quite a surge in business during the pandemic and things have normalized now, but we’re still quite buoyant.

“E-bikes have been a revelation to people because they allow you to travel further with less effort.”

Mark works with his son Piers and co-workers Chris Chadwick and Lee, and Lee’s pug puppy, Cheese.

Swindon advertiser: mural celebrating Swindon painted on the wall of the e-bike shopMural celebrating Swindon painted on the wall of an e-bike shop

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