A woman died of injuries after a bicycle accident | News

A local woman died over the weekend from injuries sustained after her bicycle collided with a dog Thursday night, according to the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office.

Detective Lt. Bobby Jones said the incident happened at 2502 Estesburg Road in the Eubank area, where a group of individuals were riding bicycles down the road. A group at the front was able to dodge a dog coming out of a driveway, but Lisa Evans, 58, was unable to dodge the dog, Jones said, and the dog hit the front wheel of the bike.

It knocked Evans down and hit the pavement, hitting the left side of his head, Jones said. Evans was removed from the scene before the deputies arrived; it is assumed that she was wearing a helmet because other members of the group were wearing them, said Jones, who noted that the investigation was still ongoing.

Jones said it was his understanding that Evans was in critical condition following the accident.

On Monday, he confirmed that Evans had passed away. Evans died Friday, according to her obituary with Morris & Hislope Funeral Home.

The detective added that the owner of the dog does not know how he got out, as he normally holds him.

“It really is a freak accident,” Jones said. “…The dog somehow got away and hit his wheel, which caused him to be wrecked.”

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