Alinghi Red Bull Racing announces sailors for 37th America’s Cup • Live Sail Die

– Design coordinator Adolfo Carrau, who has worked with Botin for 15 years, explains: “Class rules require some systems to be operated by hand power, especially everything related to trimming the sails. It is the strength brought by these athletes that allows the sail trimmer to do his job. The designers have identified the positions and the forces necessary to have the maximum power for the type of effort provided: if the races are calculated in minutes, the training takes hours. The crew therefore have to be really strong, especially since there will only be four on board, compared to eight grinders during the previous edition.

– To form this power group, recruitment focused on members of the Swiss cycling and rowing federations, including cyclist Théry Schir and rowers Augustin Maillefer and Barnabé Delarze.

– Frei said: “The track record of these athletes caught our attention; Although they don’t have sailing experience, they excel in high level sports, winning and performing under pressure. Rowers are extremely versatile athletes due to their strength, power and endurance. But still it was necessary to explain to them what this event represents; it’s a career choice, a life choice.

– Delarze, who has competed at two Olympics and recently won the iconic Boat Race duel against Cambridge with Oxford, is delighted with this new sporting direction after spending more than half his life rowing.

– He said: “I’ve always been attracted to water sports and board sports, and ultimately sailing is not so far removed from rowing! Anyway, I’ve never had such a big project. I hope to be able to offer them what has been my strength in rowing: the motivation and the will to work hard to achieve my goals, with a lot of discipline. Managing the pressure to perform well at the highest level. Here, we enter a new dimension, these boats are like spaceships!

– The last team member will soon be introduced and, true to Swiss precision, the team was on hand for the recent launch of two 2022 championships: leading the TF35 Trophy and the GC32 Racing Tour, training actively on these two boats while waiting to sail on the AC75 then the AC40.

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