Alma police report details of Sunday’s threat to store worker

Threats made to an Arkansas convenience store employee by a man who was later beaten by officers during an arrest in Mulberry were published in a nearby town police report.

Alma police took a report around 10 a.m. about a man who threatened an employee of a travel center in the county town of Crawford. Alma is located about 11 miles east of Mulberry.

Three court officers, two Crawford County deputies and a Mulberry policeman were filmed beating 27-year-old Randal Ray Worcester outside the Kountry Xpress convenience store in Mulberry on Sunday.

An Alma police report released Tuesday says a man threatened to cut the clerk and spat at the clerk.

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In an incident report given to Alma police by the clerk at 10 a.m. Sunday, August 21, the clerk described the threat made in the store.

“A guy walked into the store. He was wearing greasy gray pants,” the statement said. “He brought her water in a bottle and went out to sit on the bench. He got up and went outside the store to sit on the sidewalk. I came out and told him that he couldn’t sit there, according to the statement.

“He got up and spat on me and told me he was going to cut my f…face up, and I was like, ‘I know.’ And he told me that three times and told me to go back to the store or he would cut my face off.”

The clerk says the man left the store after making the threat.

“He walked to the back of the store. After that, I don’t know where he went,” the salesperson wrote.

Russell Wood, lawyer for MPs Zack King and Levi White, said MPs found Worcester at Mulberry. Worcester was with a bike. Worcester fit the description of the man who threatened Alma’s clerk, Wood said.

Wood said Worcester provided MPs with a false identity.

Worcester became enraged and “viciously attacked Deputy White by grabbing him by the legs, lifting him up and slamming him head first into the concrete parking lot,” Wood said.

A bystander took cellphone video of MPs and Mulberry officer Thell Riddle making a violent arrest with Worcester lying on the pavement, repeatedly punched in the head and kneeling on his side.

Worcester attorney David Powell of Fort Smith said Worcester posted $13,000 bond and was released from Crawford County Jail on Monday.

The US Department of Justice and Arkansas State Police are investigating Worcester’s arrest which Governor Asa Hutchinson called “reprehensible”.

Powell said he hoped all charges against Worcester would be dismissed.

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