Aneil Manhas Hawks Electric toothbrush and Brüush oral care expansion plans

As a media analyst, I look at everything through the eyes of mass communication. So when I first heard about the Brüush electric toothbrush, I immediately remembered that iconic moment from the 2000 romantic comedy-themed movie. Bring it on between Kirsten Dunst in Torrance Shipman and Jesse Bradford in Cliff Pantone as they brush their teeth. Voltage! Romance! These sparkling pearly whites!

More recently, singer Ariana Grande reproduced this scene from Bring it on in his filled rom-com Thank you, next video with her Victorious co-star Matt Bennett.

Then, after trying the Brüush electric toothbrush (which I now happily and regularly use), I thought of the endless array of products featured on ABC’s veteran shark tank and why this product would be a perfect complement. Don’t we all, at this point, have that cute, smiling Sponge Dad in our kitchen? Or Bantam Bagels or Cousins ​​Maine Lobsters in our fridges? Or Bombas socks and those ready-to-wear holiday-themed Tipsy Elves sweaters? Not to mention the others shark tank favorite products like exercise-themed Simply Fit board, ReadeREST magnetic eyeglass holders, Drop Stop car seat plug, Lovepop personalized cards, PhoneSoap UV phone sanitizer, Hanukkah-themed Mensch on a bench and Squatty Potty, the portable toilet stool. We all want a comfortable experience doing what comes naturally!


Then in my media mind, unsurprisingly, were QVC and HSN, among other home shopping networks, which years before Amazon was in anyone’s vocabulary, cornered the shopping market from the comfort of your house. Of course, you can also buy anything online and through their mobile apps, which for Brüush (or any retailer) is a huge plus.


For Aneil Manhas, founder and CEO of Brüush, an agreement with shark tank was not a prerequisite. Man got his start as an entrepreneur after a successful career in the financial industry, with businesses focusing on the outdoor recreation space, including motorsports and e-bikes.

“The idea for the electric toothbrush came to me about five years ago, and was partly born out of my interest in subscription razor companies (Dollar Shave Club and Harry’s) and the success with which these companies disrupted this category,” Manhas noted. “Anyone who shaves can relate to their value proposition, the shaving heads being very expensive and the shopping experience being very poor. The heads are locked up, you have to call an attendant and you have to figure out which razor are suitable for your device. It’s not a fun process.”

“At that time, I was surprised that no one had taken this model that had worked so well in this industry and applied it to the electric toothbrush industry. I thought the problem was more or less the same, with electric toothbrush heads being expensive and the retail shopping experience being frustrating,” he added. “Also, any dentist would agree that you should go electric rather than manual, which the majority of people still don’t use.”


According to a report by consumer marketing analytics firm Mintel in September 2021, just over a third – 36% – of adults say they use an electric toothbrush. Personally, and now as a regular electric toothbrush user, I am among the 64% that Brüush has converted. The moral of this story: you’re never too old to change your lifestyle!

On the Brüush website, consumers can purchase a Brüush starter kit for $79, which includes the electric toothbrush, three brush heads, magnetic charging stand and USB power adapter, plus a carrying case. travel. The available subscription plan offers three new brush heads every six months for $18.


Ironically, a product that the “sharks” didn’t get a deal on, the Ring Video Doorbell (only Kevin O’Leary offered a deal and was turned down), was sold by owner Jamie Siminoff for $1.1 billion in February 2018. But one of the guest judges appearing on shark tank over the years, comedian and actor Kevin Hart, joined Brüush in 2020 as an investor and partner, and brand ambassador.

“We felt Brüush fit Kevin’s mantra, ‘Live. Love. Laugh’, and our Brüush electric toothbrush was a product he used every day, as did his family,” Aneil Manhas noted. He has a very broad demographic base; 150 million Instagram followers; and we just thought he was a good fit for both parties.


Vancouver-based Brüush has a series of videos with Kevin Hart comically detailing the brand and its attributes.

“I loved Brüush from the first time I tried it. Our partnership makes a lot of sense given that we’re both obsessed with smiles, everything feels natural and authentic,” Hart said in a statement after have joined the company. “Aneil and the team encouraged me to lean into my style of humor through creation. Together, we’ll take Brüush to the next level of growth and break some of the category norms while we’re at it.

Refresh oral care category

Fusing sonic technology with six cleaning modes (Daily, White, Gentle, Gum, Max, and Tongue) and ultra-soft bristles for effective cleaning that’s still gentle on your gums, the Brüush package looks like an Apple product. , with a modern design unlike anything else in the category.


“By making it more affordable, we are reducing barriers between consumers and access to high-end oral care products,” Manhas noted. “We have 28,000 active subscribers that we are focused on and that really drives our revenue. And with our brush head refill subscription, there’s no obligation; You can cancel at any time.”

“If Apple made a toothbrush it would be like this,” one person wrote in a review.

Brüush’s mothership, so to speak, is the current electric toothbrush and subscription plan. But the launch is scheduled for 2023 for toothpaste, mouthwash, dental floss, a whitening pen (all in the first quarter) and an electric toothbrush designed for children (in the second quarter).

“While our addressable market is very large, we really focus on the millennial and Gen Z group,” Manhas noted. “Seventy percent of our customer base is between 18 and 45 years old, and for the vast majority of our customers, the Brüush brand is their first electric toothbrush. We are really targeting this large market of manual brush users and trying to convince them that there has never been a better time to switch from manual to electric.


“For me, the star product is the electric toothbrush. When a person visits our website, the idea is that they will then be attracted to purchase these ancillary products,” Manhas noted. “Like anything else, being an entrepreneur has its challenges and its rewards. For me, being recently listed on the Nasdaq was a very proud moment. There have been so many trials and tribulations to get to where we are today, but the journey so far has been an incredible experience and in many ways we are just getting started.

For the “sharks” on Shark tank — Barbara Corcoran, Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec, Daymond John and Kevin O’Leary (among others) – I could already imagine several offers for this product line. But without it, Brüush quickly consolidates its status in the field of oral hygiene. And, through Aneil Manhas, the potential merits of walking the entrepreneurial path are duly noted.

“It would be hard to go back to a desk job in finance,” he said. “For better or for worse, I’m an entrepreneur for life now.

In that case, make it a successful entrepreneur with a big smile and clean teeth!


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