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The Oregon-based mobility company Arcimoto recently unveiled an impressive new full-suspension three-wheel electric trike unlike anything we’ve seen before. The company calls it the Mean Lean Machine (MLM) and it’s packed with all sorts of cool features.

The Arcimoto MLM electric trike uses new tilting technology that helps it roll and turn like a regular two-wheeled bike, while providing the stability of a three-wheeled trike on occasional trips. Riders can lean into corners and the whole bike leans with them thanks to an all-new suspension design, which you can see in the teaser video below.

With a hub motor on each wheel, it’s essentially an all-wheel-drive e-bike with plenty of power. And although there are pedals for speed control, Electrek Reports that there is no mechanical connection between the pedals and the wheels. This means that when you pedal, that’s not what actually propels the bike forward. Instead, everything is electric.

Additionally, the Arcimoto MLM offers a “hover” mode which sounds pretty good. Owners can take it on trails and roads and enjoy the full power of three electric motors. Or, sit at home and pedal on it like a stationary bike, similar to something like a Peloton. Also, when you are pedaling at home, it will use this energy to recharge the battery. Basically, it’s an all-in-one exercise bike and electric tricycle. Speaking of batteries, once powered, the company claims its bike is capable of around 200+ miles per charge.

Arcimoto is known for its other types of three-wheelers, including its roadster vehicle or FUV “fun utility vehicle” capable of speeds in excess of 75 mph.

Unfortunately, Arcimoto hasn’t shared too many details regarding specs, range or battery options, pricing or a release date, and it’s likely to be expensive. However, you can reserve your own E-Trike for $100 with the objective of shipments from the fourth quarter of 2022.

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