Award-winning urban bike frame with reinforced prepreg

Design house Uber UBC GmbH (Murr, Germany) counts Formula 1 racing teams and car manufacturers Porsche, Bugatti and Audi among its customers. When UBC applied its accumulated expertise to an all-new urban bike concept, company CEO Ulf Bräutigam said, “We gave our designers carte blanche… telling them they could more or less ignore the rules of bicycle production.” Called the coren, it comes in three models: single speed, Pedelec (electric version) and fixie. The innovative frames, with flattened top and down tubes, were styled by UBC designer Christian Zanzotti, resulting in a low total bike weight of 7.7 kg / 17 lbs in the single speed version.

UBC turned to Cytec Industrial Materials (formerly Umeco, Heanor, Derbyshire, UK) to supply autoclavable prepregs capable of providing the necessary mechanical performance and impact resistance. The company chose Cytec’s trademark MTM49-3, an epoxy resin cured from 80°C to 160°C (176°C to 320°F), reinforced with woven, unidirectional high tensile carbon fiber, and a compatible adhesive film. UBC technicians hand-laid the prepregs into aluminum tools, taking 40 hours to complete one frame.

Sebastian Wegerle, UBC’s product and marketing director, says: “We selected Cytec’s prepregs because they are reliable, have a good reputation in the motorsport and aviation sectors, and we were able to choose from a wide range of fibers and resin systems to provide the best material properties. According to UBC engineer Marco Noack, “The frame…is manufactured in a clean room, in accordance with standards for the construction of motorsport and high-end vehicles.”

ISPO MUNICH, a trade fair for sports business, recently awarded the Korean Single Speed its ISPO Brand New Award 2012.

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