Beaver Library to Offer Tool Rental Program in Donald Dawson’s Honor

BEAVER – Need a tool for a project? Instead of buying a tool from a store, why not borrow a tool from the library?

The Beaver Area Memorial Library will soon be offering tools for library members to peruse for up to two weeks, just as they would books.

This permanent collection will be made in honor of the late Donald “Don” Dawson, longtime owner of Fischer Hardware Co., who recently passed away at the age of 83.

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Library manager Diane Wakefield said it was a good way to remember Dawson, who for many years helped the community whenever there were material-related issues.

“It’s what we can do that’s special to remember him,” she said.

Wakefield said Dawson was a huge supporter of the library and helped her in various situations over the years.

She said his wife, Norma Dawson, is also a big supporter of the library, participating in the library’s weekly knitting group.

Wakefield said library worker Nicole Brockman came up with the idea for the program after Dawson’s family, in their obituary, specified that memorial contributions should be made to the library.

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Brockman said she’s seen other libraries rent tools and it would be a great way to honor a man whose life was all about helping others with tools.

The tooling program will start in a few weeks once the tools arrive. The first five items will be a bike repair kit, woodburner kit, laser level, pressure washer, and car code reader.

You must be a member of the library with a library card to consult the tools.

The tools will be on display in a section with a Dawson memorial plaque.

Wakefield said they hope to continue buying more tools in the future, although they will never buy anything Fischer Hardware has in store.

She said the library would be open to any suggestions from the community on what tools they want to see for the section.

Brockman said she hopes that in addition to tools, the library can start having other items for rent, such as board games and other holiday entertainment items.

Nicholas Vercilla is a reporter for the Beaver County Times. He can be reached at [email protected].

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