Best e-bikes 2022: Step-Thru, Road, Mountain e-bike reviews

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With expensive gas, scarce parking, and traffic, there are plenty of good reasons to ditch your car for a bike. But bikes also have their downsides – whether as commuters or weekend cruisers – leaving us sweaty, tired and possibly late to our destination. Fortunately, there is now a happy medium: the best electric bikes.

After tremendous progress over the past two years, the best e-bikes (aka “e-bikes”) are now better than ever. They can travel up to 40 miles on a single charge and hit speeds of 28 miles per hour (all without us breaking a sweat), and they’re now more reasonably priced too.

In other words, the best electric bikes are now a viable alternative to riding, especially for daily commuters. With the physical exertion of light walking, e-bikers can squeeze through traffic, park almost anywhere, and save a fortune on gas. Plus, the best e-bikes offer a great weekend activity to boot.

If you’re considering investing in an electric bike, read on. We’ve rounded up some of the best electric bikes to buy online, along with some key considerations to help you make the right purchase.

Electric Bike Buying Guide

Buying e-bikes is not quite the same as finding a regular bike. Below are some specs we looked at when choosing the best e-bikes for you.

Power: E-bike power is measured in watts, with motors ranging from 250 to 750 watts. Higher horsepower is great (especially for heavier riders) and will provide more power as you pedal.

If you already ride a bike and just want minor help from a motor, a low-power e-bike should be fine. Also note that e-bikes limit their speed to 28 miles per hour by law – faster and they should be classed as a moped or motorcycle. If you just ride an ordinary e-bike, you don’t need a special driver’s license.

Battery: Longer battery life equals longer battery life, which is always a plus. This is usually listed as a range because speed, rider weight, and terrain (i.e. uphill or downhill and street or trail) can affect a battery’s range. Typically, good e-bike batteries will give you 20-40 miles of range.

Style: Most customers buy e-bikes for commuting – these types of bikes are described as hybrid or urban models. But there are also excellent motorized sport road bikes, as well as electric mountain bikes. These are bikes that allow you to ride on the road off road simple adventures.

Another term to keep in mind when it comes to styling is “stepping”. These types of bikes feature a top tube (the top bar of the frame) that has been lowered or removed completely for easier assembly and disassembly.

Brakes: Braking power becomes more important with e-bikes. Look for high quality braking systems, ideally using hydraulic rather than mechanical technology.

Cut: Proper bike sizing is always essential for power transfer and comfort. Be sure to check a bike’s size before buying (many bike listings display the rider’s size range).

The best e-bikes to buy right now

Whether you’re commuting, strolling through the park, or hitting the trails, e-bikes are now worth considering. Below are some of the best electric bikes for all terrains and activities.

1. Sixtreezero Evryvoyage


If you commute or cruise (like most e-bike owners), Sixthreezero’s Evryjourney is a great choice.

Described as a “touring cruiser”, the Evryjourney features an ergonomic shape, a comfortable, padded saddle and versatile tires for asphalt, gravel or dirt. But, despite its laid-back features, the Evryjourney is also well-equipped for high-speed long-distance commuting: a 500-watt motor can propel the bike to 28 miles per hour with pedal assist, and it’ll take you up to 40 miles on a single charge.

We also like that the battery is somewhat hidden in the bike’s rear rack, completing the attractive vintage-inspired look. Additionally, thanks to its ergonomic design, the bike will accommodate riders from five feet to six feet four inches, with a maximum weight of 250 pounds.

All in all, it’s a versatile and easy bike for commuting or weekend cruising, and the price is very reasonable.

To buy:
Sixthreezero Evryjourney

2. Union Diamondback 1


hybrid electric bike


For something a little sportier, check out this Union 1 e-bike from Diamondback. A 350 watt Bosch motor is seamlessly integrated into the frame and allows the bike to reach 28 miles per hour with pedal assist. A 10-speed Shimano shifting system ensures quick power transmission at all speeds, while hydraulic brakes provide sure stopping capability.

It’s a powerful commuter and trail bike—even with steep hills—and very capable of hauling bike trailers full of kids or camping gear. The bike also comes in three sizes, so you should be able to get the bike in a size to suit your height.

To buy:
Diamondback Union 1 Electric Bike

3. Schwinn Coston EC


step by step electric bike


Pleasure cruising and relaxed commuting are some of the best uses for an e-bike. This Schwinn Coston CE is suited for those kinds of rides with a relaxed frame (for easy assembly and disassembly), a comfortable padded seat, and a range of 35 miles on a single charge.

Like a few other e-bikes on our list, you can use a throttle to control the motor as well as pedal assist. This means you can stop pedaling altogether and continue cruising at a good pace (top speed is 20 miles per hour). Another great feature of the Coston is its charge time, which takes just four hours to go from empty to full juice.

If you’re looking for a smooth cruise or have a relatively flat and relaxed ride, this is a great choice.

To buy:
Schwinn Coston EC

4. Amalfi Coastal in matte black


electric city bike


If you want something close to a road bike but not quite as aggressive, check out this Amalfi Coast e-bike. Featuring a streamlined frame with a barely perceptible motor, the bike is well-designed for maneuvering through traffic or cruising on protected bike paths. The battery can carry you up to 25 miles and only takes two hours to recharge.

The non-electric components of the bike are just as strong. Instead of a chain drive, it uses a long-lasting carbon belt (which doesn’t rub lubrication on your pants). Other performance-oriented features include efficient hydraulic disc brakes, internally geared hub and CST shifter.

To buy:
Amalfi Coastal in matt black

5. RadPower 6 Plus Walkthrough

long distance electric bike

Rad Power

The heavy-duty tires and heavy-duty front shocks on this RadPower 6 e-bike should give you an idea of ​​its formidable performance. Using a robust 750 watt motor, the bike is particularly capable of climbing steep hills and traversing gnarly trails. Stopping power is also good thanks to a hydraulic braking system.

The motor can travel up to 45 miles on a single charge, making it the longest-range e-bike in our roundup. Because the RadPower 6 is a stepper bike, it’s also easy to get on and off, and it fits riders between 5-foot-2 and 6-foot-2. It’s a sturdy bike overall, and the long-range battery makes it even more appealing.

To buy:
RadPower 6 Plus Step by Step

6. Haibike Allmtn 3

mountain electric bike


Most mountain bikers have these rides when we just want to get to the top and enjoy a descent. This Haibike Allmtn 3 lets you do that better than any non-electric mountain bike. It has a Bosch motor that produces 75 Nm of torque for smooth climbs on steep trails and a top speed of 20 miles per hour. All in all, it can turn tough climbs into windy getaways.

Once you are ready to descend, the Allmtn is very well prepared. A 150 millimeter rear shock and 160 millimeter Yari fork combine for a comfortable full suspension system, while Shimano’s four-piston hydraulic brakes get you to a stop in no time.

To buy:
Haibike Allmtn 3

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