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Engineer Dimitris Gloubos built Greece’s first four-wheeled electric bicycle, during the country’s second and third lockdowns.

Talk to NAMAGloubos said his technological creation “Bike-1” aims to help the environment and make Greek cities “greener and cleaner”.

“Bike-1” works with a lithium battery that charges with the same process used by electric vehicles, or alternatively with continuous pedaling by the cyclist. The battery lasts for 1 hour.

It can also carry things in a special space behind the seat, weighing up to 30 kg.

The length of the quadricycle is 1.8 meters, its width 0.90 meters and its height 1.47 meters.

'Bike-1', the first 4-wheel electric bicycle in Greece

‘Bike-1’ has 7 speeds, a four-wheel drive system, digital navigation for traffic, bicycle handlebars, electric lighting systems, mirrors and speakers for playing music.

“Due to its altitude and spatial peculiarity, Kozani is a difficult city to navigate with a simple bicycle, and I wanted with my special construction to alleviate this difficulty,” Gloubos said.

He was inspired by couriers constantly exposed to rain, wind and snow.

“So I thought my e-bike should be four-wheeled with a roll cage where the rider can move around the city safely even carrying small items,” he added.

The construction took place on the terrace and in the living room of his house. “With the help of my children and my wife, we pushed the living room furniture into a corner and its place was taken by the parts of bike-1.”

Glumpos has yet to decide on future plans for ‘Bike-1’.

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