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Muc-Off, an English manufacturer of bicycle accessories, has created a holder for Apple’s AirTag that fits into a bicycle tire. Called the Stealth Tubeless Tag Holder, an AirTag can now penetrate inside the rim of a mountain or gravel bike tire.

The Stealth Tubeless Tag Holder is a three-part silicone and rubber tubeless protective holder for your AirTag. Its valve bases seal against the rim of your bike tire. The accessory shank protects both the rim and the AirTag from impact as it can compress and rebound under extreme loads. It can also allow the sealant and air to circulate so that it does not vibrate inside the rim of the tire.

While it’s an adequate way to track your bike, there’s been speculation about AirTag’s safety. Several cases have recently made headlines of people stalking using AirTag. Fortunately, Apple and some lawmakers are working to put measures in place to make these coin-shaped item trackers more secure.

The Stealth Tubeless Tag Holder is $19.99 and AirTag is not included.

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The product is a nice touch – if someone steals your bike, it would be fairly easy to spot an AirTag if it’s dangling from a key ring or something similar. However, this accessory seems to be a pain when you need to swap or remove the AirTag. AirTag batteries only last about a year, so you’re likely to need to change the battery several times over the life of your bike.

Do any of you ride a bike? Do you think this is a good accessory for ATV owners? Let us know your thoughts.

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