Bike crunch gets the heart pumping

Can you believe spring break is just around the corner? It looks like we’re celebrating the new year and now we’re looking at pool days, weekends at the beach, and just a little more time outdoors.

How is your physical condition? Specifically, how about those abs? Abs? That six-pack? Whatever you want to call it, it’s time to step up a gear.

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Our move today is a quick bike crisis. All you need is a flat surface. This move focuses on your full core, but since you’ll be using your legs (like riding a bike), they’ll also have a slight tone.

Begin this exercise by lying on your back on the floor. Pressing your back flat on the floor and rotating the hips will create engagement in the midsection. Gently placing your fingertips behind your ears, lift your upper body slightly off the floor.

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Once you have the upper body in position, move on to the lower body. Lifting your legs off the ground should create an even deeper contraction in your stomach.

Now begin to pull one knee into your midsection and, at the same time, twist your upper body as if you were going to meet the elbow opposite the knee at a midpoint.

As soon as you twist in the middle and pull that knee in, release it and quickly move to the opposite knee and elbow. Pulling your knees towards your middle will simulate pedaling a bicycle.

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Keep that fast-moving bicycle crunch; give yourself at least 10 reps on each side, or 20 per set. Give yourself a short break, then move on to your next set.

If you feel you need more intensity, increase your reps. If you feel too much pressure in your back on the floor, you can sit down and sit down and simulate the same movement.

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With this quick bike crunch, you’ll get your heart pumping and find yourself pedaling towards a toned midsection just in time for spring break.

Marlo Alleva, Group Fitness Coordinator at YMCA Fontaine-Gill, can be reached at [email protected].

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