Bike race tourists bother Pattaya residents

Road cyclists hamper Pattaya residents and other drivers near Second Pattaya Road. According to Pattaya Police Chief Krirkrit Saiwana, bikers rushed onto Soi 18 at night, often turning or stopping suddenly and not yielding to others passing by.

A video shared on social media shows a large group of bikers riding through the area. They sometimes force other drivers to wait for them to pass, and some of the drivers loudly shout “Whoo”. A motorcycle taxi driver alerted the police to the street racers.

Chief Krirkrit said tourists from the Middle East usually come to Pattaya in June and July and often rent motorbikes. He said the police were monitoring the situation and had no problem in prosecuting traffic disruptors if they broke the law. Police have now alerted car and motorbike rental companies that they must obtain copies of the passports and driving licenses of foreigners renting their vehicles.

Pattaya isn’t the only Thai city that cyclists have disrupted. In 2020, police arrested 6 young runners in the southern province of Songkhla. The attackers, aged 15 to 18, were charged with disturbing public order and their motorcycles were confiscated. The Royal Thai Police have also set up 1,000 checkpoints across Thailand to make sure young people don’t run around at night.

THE SOURCE: Channel 7

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