Bike tracking device: This $15 gadget turns the Apple AirTag into a discreet bike beacon

The following story originally appeared on GearJunkie

If you’re familiar with spy gear and culture, you’re probably familiar with the idea of ​​putting a stealth tracking device on valuable cargo.

Why not do the same with your bike? As global supply chain delays continue to slow bicycle production, bicycles are hot items in all markets (including the black market).

Stealth Tag protects you when the best U-lock always fails in the hands of thieves.

The execution is as simple as the concept. The Stealth Tag is about the size of a large bottle cap. Simply place an Apple AirTag inside, then push the cap into the bottom of your head tube. “Slight expansion,” according to Stealth Tag, is holding him back.

If your bike goes missing, nearby devices can locate the AirTag via Bluetooth and drop a pin on the Find My app. (Note that AirTag is only compatible with iPhone 11 and later – in this case, Android users are out of luck.)

The $15 gadget is currently compatible with several popular mountain bike steerer tubes from Fox and RockShox. Find out here if your fork can accommodate a Stealth Tag. As of this writing, it’s on sale for $13.

A quick audit: is the stealth beacon good?

Perhaps. The concept is pleasingly simple, and if it works, it’s an elegant stroke of genius. But, of course, it has to work.

You’ve seen those plastic caps before; there could be some on the ends of your handlebars, protecting anything that might come into contact with them. To install the Stealth Tag, push it up into the bottom of the steerer tube.

This means that friction is the only thing that secures it. Could it appear when you land or make your way through choppy trails? There’s only one way to know for sure. Still, a low-cost threshold might warrant giving it a try, especially based on how much you’ve spent on your bike.

Stealth Tag purchases do not include Apple AirTags. You’ll need to purchase one separately, starting at $29.

It seems the idea of ​​the Stealth Tag was hiding in plain sight. Now the Stealth Tag itself will do the same.

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