Bintulu man builds motorized bicycle with help from YouTube and friends

Joferi with his motorized bicycle.

BINTULU (March 9): It was a dream come true for a creative and innovative young man from Kampung Baru Laut here after building his own motorbike motorbike.

With only RM2,000 capital, 31-year-old Joferi Turkey, with the help of his friends and YouTube as his main reference to build a motorbike, finally completed the motorized bicycle within a month.

Joferi said most of the parts, including the bike frame, were custom-made, including shock and motor mounts, and some parts were ordered online.

“It took about a month to complete the motorized bicycle, which started on January 5,” he told Utusan Borneo.

Joferi named the machine “BMX Motorcycle”, which is powered by a motorbike engine he bought online, including a one-liter gas tank.

“I don’t know how far this motorized bicycle can go on a liter of petrol, but it is only designed for leisurely rides through villages because it cannot be driven on the main road, given the safety of the cyclist”, he explained.

Joferi said he had the idea to build the motorized bike in 2019, but only now could make it happen with the help of three friends and after all the components were prepared.

Joferi said most of the parts, including the bike’s frame, were custom made, including mounts for the shocks and motor, and some were ordered online.

“Before building this motorized bicycle, I taught myself how to build a motorbike through YouTube, and with the help of three friends, Waryitno @ Ali, Abdul Aziz and Khairul Anam, this machine can finally be built”, did he declare.

He said he would slowly install other accessories on the machine, and if there were opportunities, he would participate in “auto show” programs in the future.

When asked if anyone was interested in buying his machine with a specific offer, Joferi replied that his machine was not for sale, but was built due to his deep interest in automobiles as well as of his memories with his friends who worked hard to build it.

“Creating this machine was not easy. It took time and it is quite difficult,” he said.

He added that despite having brakes, headlights, taillights and a front basket, the motorized bike was not approved by authorities to be ridden on major roads like normal motorcycles.

He also offered his expertise and experience to those who wanted to build one on their own.

“For those who are interested in this idea and this type of machine, we can open a Bintulu BMX Motorcycle Club for the hobby,” he said.

“Those who want to learn how to build this motorized bicycle can meet to develop ideas together,” he said.

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