Black Friday e-bike sale: $200 off any Charge e-bike right now

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black friday is nearly here, and Charge e-bikes are one of many retailers offering deep discounts earlier this holiday season. If you are looking for an electric bike, Charge is one of our favorite options. Their first Black Friday sale is now, with Charge offering $200 off any e-bike model with the code SCAN until December 1.

Cargo bikes offer the biking experience with a bit of an edge to help you tackle hills and other light terrain so your stamina doesn’t run out early. All models come standard with an electric motor to provide assistance up to 20 miles per hour, which is especially useful when climbing an incline.

A single charge will travel up to 50 miles, and there’s a display on the handlebars to let you know how far you can go before your next charge. The bikes also feature foldable handlebars and pedals to take up less storage space and sturdy racks to carry your essentials with you.

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Charge has already caught our eye this year with their XC e-bike, named one of our best e-bikes for 2021. The model is so popular it’s currently out of stock, but here are some highlights of the models on sale until December. 1.


The City model is available in two frame styles: standard and low step. It’s designed to make getting around town easy, like getting to work without breaking a sweat. It comes with all the standard features mentioned above, like a top speed of 20 miles per hour. It also includes Goodyear tires and pedal assist with 5 assist modes and a push-button throttle. Save $200 with code JOYRIDE.

In addition to the City model, the The Charge Comfort model is available for pre-order for the same discount. We’ll keep you posted on any news, including the restocking of the XC model, but in the meantime, check out our recommendations on the best fitness gifts this holiday season.


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