Cake Ösa+ Electric Bike Review | Pushing the boundaries in New York

When I had no intention of pushing the range, I kept the rig in drive mode 3 and ripped like I owned the place. Which brings me to my main problem with Cake bikes – they’re so light, nimble and fast that it’s all too easy to want to treat them like a bike and run through stop signs, weave through traffic and generally disregard the rules. of the road which only apply to cars. Of course, this is illegal and safety should always be our top priority. But…when you watch 30 minutes of breathing in truck exhaust in stop-and-go bridge traffic instead of going past it all in the bike lane in 30 seconds, it’s hard to always be a good boy. (Don’t worry Cake’s legal team, I haven’t once or twice.)

Speaking of bridges, twice I traveled to Rockaway Beach in Queens to test the battery life of the Ösa. My first test ride at the beach, with a spunky, confident girlfriend in seat two—and a big tote bag full of beach chairs, blankets, and snacks on the rear rack—was a complete success. It’s almost exactly 40 miles from East Village to Jacob Riis Beach and back and we made it there and back without a hitch.

For round two, a solo effort took me further to Rockaway. With a pit stop at 69th Street to check the waves and have lunch at Tacoway Beach, I limped back into town, completing the 45-mile round trip on any electric equivalent of the fumes. With just a mile to go, the Ösa+ went into low battery mode while crossing the Brooklyn Bridge, limiting the exit to less than 10 mph – it was sketchy, but I got home safely, though slowly.

Enter complaint number two. Although I intended to push the limits of the range, a better design could have helped me do so more safely. The display screen battery level indicator (a skeuomorph D battery) does not show a digital reading and does not drop like a regular fuel gauge. Instead, it gradually reduces by something like 20% at a time, which creates a fair amount of anxiety by making it very difficult to accurately gauge how much juice you actually have left. One moment you seem to have a significant amount of battery left, and the next it’s practically empty. Something to fix, if you ask me.

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