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It can be said that cycling is one of the sports that attracts the most attention this year. From the “biking fever” repeatedly mentioned by many mainstream media, to more and more people joining the cycling team, we can see that people are taking an interest in this incredibly fun activity, loving him more and more. For many people, cycling is not only a greener means of transport, but also a healthy sport and a trendy lifestyle.

The Chinese market is one of TREK’s fastest growing regional markets in recent years. Therefore, TREK recently launched a series of store upgrade plans in China with its Electra city bike brand, and will open a number of new stores to serve more consumers.


On October 29, 2022, Electra opened a new flagship store at 88 Tongren Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai. It integrates a variety of riding concepts and pays attention to a large number of Shanghai city features to make bicycles more involved in city traffic and also allow cyclists to experience the beauty of the city through bicycles. It also showcases innovative models that will be launched worldwide in 2022. Equipped with the world-renowned state-of-the-art system – the new eBike Townie Go! series with the Intelligent Power Assist Unit Kit, as well as the limited-production designer collaboration Cruiser Fashion Go! series.


As an urban bike sub-brand under TREK, Electra bikes are popular all over the world with their cool appearance and unique comfortable experience. At the same time, he was also loved by a number of Hollywood celebrities including Oprah, Paris Hilton, Justin Bieber, etc.

Electra currently has over 35% of the North American e-bike market share and over 50% of the urban comfort bike market share. Its Townie Original model was also the best-selling urban bike in the United States from 2014 to 2018. After entering the Chinese market, Electra quickly became a major player in the high-end urban bike market, and can often be seen and shared by runners and celebrities on various social networks.


The store’s interior decor is mostly American industrial style, with a dazzling array of bikes lined up, including various models from different series. Electra weaves its specific design genes into each bike and features a unique frame development with patented Flat Foot Technology®, which alters the angle and height of the frame to achieve the most ergonomic rider positioning, allowing straighten your back, relax your arm and fully extend your legs. This technology pioneered and launched the “Comfort Bike” movement in the United States.


Electra’s models can be roughly divided into three categories: the traditional American cruiser – the Cruiser series, the retro-chic commuter bike – the Loft series, and the most popular comfort bike in the United States – the Townie series. Basically, in the Electra bike store, you can find all kinds of bikes for adults and children that match your riding style and aesthetic requirements.

In the flagship store at 88 Tongren Road, you can also find e-bikes for those who want a unique riding experience. Electra accentuates its goal of continuous innovation in technologies and designs, according to the characteristics and functional needs of different groups of people.


Electra Company particularly points out that regardless of age and gender, men, women or children can always find the right bike for a comfortable and fun riding experience at Electra Shanghai Tongren Road flagship store. Moreover, it is the only Electra brand store in Shanghai that offers free trial experience for e-bikes. The store also provides after-sales maintenance, delivery and other services. Customers in Shanghai and Beijing can also enjoy on-site maintenance services within the first year after purchasing the bike.


On the opening day, the store also held the Shanghai Nostalgic Trend Ride event, inviting everyone to ride Electra bikes and experience Electra’s unique elegance and comfort along the Suzhou River.




▲ Professional technicians adjust the bikes for everyone before departure


▲ Of course, when you come to ride a bike like this, you can’t do without taking cool photos


▲ The store also prepared exquisite refreshments for everyone


▲ The store has a wide variety of equipment and accessories for everyone to choose from

City Go!


This bike looks like an ordinary bike, but in fact it is equipped with a HYENA motor assembly. The LED controller can easily switch modes. The men’s version is equipped with 27.5 inch tyres, the women’s version – with 26 inch tyres. Flat Foot Technology® with the slightly forward pedals makes the ride more comfortable and provides a wider field of vision. They are colorful and fashionable, and you can easily ride further on all kinds of road conditions which will not be difficult for you to conquer at all.

Ghostrider Go!


It was inspired by the world’s first “superbike” known for its power and speed. The hydroformed frame, super gloss black, chrome finish and custom license plate are the perfect combination of vintage style with modern e-bike technology. Powered by a German Bosch motor, you can ride further, even when it comes to climbing hills. It is easier to ride on hilly roads or when you are tired. Best of all: it’s still a bike that gives you that amazing thrill every time you pedal, delivering an enjoyable ride.

Naturally, the opening of Electra’s new flagship store in Shanghai inevitably meant the appearance of flagship products. In addition to the Electra designer models and newly launched bikes, this time the exclusive dealer presented the limited edition commemorative models of the century-old British craftsman bicycle brand Pashley. Simultaneously in the Tongren Road flagship store, the limited edition of the British Royal Limited Commemorative Bicycle Color was launched.

Britannia Platinum Champagne Special Edition


For Her Majesty’s Platinum Millennium, Pashley has launched a special edition Britannia bike in “Platinum Champagne” color.


The name Britannia comes from old Italian, and this series continues the modification of the frame and the classic 1920 handlebars, as well as the saddle, the chain guard and the fenders in Brooks leather, allowing the pilot to maintain a position graceful seating and a look whatever the weather.


Every year in the UK there is a cycling event called Britannia, which invites all Pashley owners who love to ride to participate. The classic red version is also the same bike that Audrey Hepburn once rode. Pashley always keeps its own pace, providing beautiful handmade bikes. Qualified production methods can stand the test of time. It is not only a means of transportation, but also an object worth loving and inheriting. Pashley slows down tempo and time, and preserves and perpetuates the unique culture of bicycle manufacturing.



It is a unique three-wheeled model that first appeared in the 1960s. After years of continuous improvement, the Picador has evolved into a three-wheeled bicycle that can meet all aspects of life. It has a set of 20 inch aluminum alloy wheels, and each wheel is equipped with aluminum alloy fenders, which can easily cope with all kinds of muddy roads and won’t stain your smart clothes.


As a three-wheeled bicycle, the Picador has excellent stability and is equipped with drum brakes, rim brakes and parking brake systems to ensure rider safety in all aspects.

In addition, Picador also has a metal-covered rear basket with a capacity of up to 38 liters, which is impressive for a three-wheeled bike. It can also be fitted with an optional front basket.


The Pashley dealer has also surprised the public with a small amount of British Morgan limited co-branded bikes, which are very hard to come by. They have been brought into the store for sale, ensuring that every UK bike is imported from the UK. As its name suggests, the Morgan series is inspired by the famous British racing car Morgan and is also one of the representatives of the legendary British design tradition. The Morgan Series uses a classic diamond frame design, with British Reynolds tubing, and classic race-style paint, full of speed.



For fans of stylish vintage British style cars, the good news is that Pashley currently has a small number of models for each collection in the Tongren Road store!

Eco-friendly bicycle basket


The basket is made from only 0.45 kg of recycled ocean plastic, but it can carry up to 5 kg of items. This design-optimized size holds up to 27 liters of contents, so you can carry everything you need and more with peace of mind.


The basket is also easy to install and remove, with hooks and hook-and-loop straps made from recycled materials that can fit most models on the market. There are also handles on both sides, so the basket can also be used as a portable basket. There are currently three colorways, which easily match different bikes and styles.

Additionally, accessories from well-known brands – such as Brooks – can be found inside the store. There are leather saddles, panniers, baskets, handles, bells, etc. Everyone will find something fun and useful here to customize a bike to be truly unique. At the same time, the store also provides installation services, and the new bike can be modified when purchased. In addition, according to store representatives, the Electra Beijing store will also provide upgrade and accessory installation services.

Electra X88 Shop

Address: L102, 88 Tongren Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai

Such : 198 0211 2374

Business hours : Daily, 10 a.m.-10 p.m.

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