City of Denver seeks to reduce e-scooter speeds in LoDo

As electric scooters become more popular, the city of Denver is looking for ways to keep cyclists and pedestrians safe.

DENVER — Four years ago, an electric scooter was a novelty.

Today, scooters drive around Denver daily, sharing the road with people, bikes, and cars.

As scooters become more popular, the city is looking for ways to keep cyclists and pedestrians safe.

The Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (DOTI) will begin a pilot program this fall that includes installing sidewalk stencils in LoDo.

“We can expect to see them here soon to remind people that they are on a scooter to save space on the sidewalk for pedestrians and others who need that space,” said Vanessa Lacayo, door-to-door. word of the DOTI.

Scooters first fell in Denver in 2018. City data shows there have been more than 9.3 million scooter and e-bike rides since late 2018. On average, there are 7,369 trips per day.

LoDo is where the city sees the most people riding e-bikes and e-scooters, Lacayo said.

“We’re also looking at trying different kinds of technologies to reduce speeds,” she said.

DOTI plans to work with the two scooter companies operating in Denver, Lime and Lyft, to slow down scooters in certain areas and prevent people from parking them on sidewalks.

Essentially, when a scooter enters a certain area, its top speed will be reduced. In fact, the city already does. You’ve probably noticed if you’ve driven a scooter near Coors Field during a Rockies game.

“We’ve used it before in a around city center stadiums, and so this pilot will work much the same as we will in that we’ll be looking to see where it makes sense to slow people down and / or some sort of brake where they leave these vehicles once they’re done,” Lacayo said.

Lacayo said the same technology is being used to reduce the speed of scooters and e-bikes along the 16th Street Mall.

DOTI also plans to work with Lime and Lyft to develop in-app messaging to impress on cyclists the importance of safety.

The scooter stencils will be installed before the end of the month, Lacayo said. Then there will be an observation period to determine if they were successful in convincing the runners to slow down.

Lacayo shared the following “do’s and don’ts” when it comes to riding e-scooters and e-bikes around town.

  • Ride shared bikes and scooters like you would a personal bike, obeying all traffic laws
  • Devices must be parked upright at all times
  • Park in designated parking areas or near racks when possible
  • Keep at least five feet from footpaths on sidewalks
  • Do not ride on the sidewalk unless starting or ending a ride
  • Do not violate the highway code
  • Do not block sidewalks, ramps, wheelchair ramps or bus stops
  • Do not block fire hydrants, call boxes or other emergency facilities
  • Don’t block aisles

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