Colby Copp on Racing Pro Motocross, going to college

You have a track which is just off the main road into town. I’ve been looking at it with envy for years every time I pass it! It has been around for a long time. What’s the story with that?
We call it the Farm. We say if you ride there, you’re a badass! It’s just off the freeway that comes into Los Banos. We now have a supercross track there, but it’s gotten bigger every year I’ve raced.

Thanks for chatting and good luck for the rest of the season! Want to give all the sponsors a shout out?
For sure! I made title sponsors for every race round I did for anyone who wants to help me out. I put all their logos on my bike for every race and it helps a lot to be able to race and make it all possible. These guys include Tom Ditulio, HyperX Stacey, Grass Ranch, The Compound Gym, Frontier Lube, Combs1 Equipment, NCM Concrete, Kori Wines, Hall Ranch, All Laced Up, Deatherage Family, Seagreaves Insurance, Picazotat2 Jon Esquivel, HDW Transport, Fly Racing , Ethos Vision, Fist Handwear, Guts racing, Asterisk, Works Connection, FMF, AEO Powersports, Research Engineering Performance, Pro Taper, Odi, Ogio, Elusive Graphics, Laced Belts, Acerbis, CenCal Cycles, Pirelli Tires, Moto Tape and Haeseker Courses .

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