College professor in Meghalaya cycles 40,000 km in 6 years: The Tribune India


Shillong, January 23

The 40-year-old man from a remote village of Mawnai in the Eastern West Khasi Hills district of Meghalaya wrote a story: cycling over 40,000 km to inspire young people to cycle for health, freedom of movement and the environment.

Born in the village of Mawnai, 52km west of here, Pyniarlang Nongbri won his first bike as a child and started taking cycling more seriously when he signed up for a PhD at Delhi JNU in 2005.

Since then he has set a record for himself and many young professionals, covering more than 40,000 km as the bike becomes easier with curbs due to the pandemic.

In 2021, the Strava app on Dr Pyniarlang’s cell phone showed he had traveled 11,172 km with a maximum driving time of 675 hours, which includes his commute to work and to scenic spots in the districts of Khasi Jaintia Hills.

“I managed to ride 234 days last year. Thanks to the pandemic that gave me the opportunity to sneak in and I was able to go to remote places avoiding contact with people and protecting myself from COVID-19,” Dr. Pyniar told PTI.

“Based on distance and time, in 2021 my average distance was 47.7km on every ride I did. It was a personal achievement,” he said.

In fact, Dr. Pyniar has never hopped in a car or bus since returning from Germany in 2013 while commuting to work on his bike (bicycle) and even cycling on tours. tourists in remote places like Tawang, Kaziranga, Darjeeling and Sikkim, often alone.

Technically, Dr. Pyniar bought his first single-speed bike when he was at JNU, commuting from his college hostel and exploring Delhi on his bike.

During his 4.5 years at the Friedrich-Schiller University of Jena to obtain his doctorate on “vegetable microbe interaction”, Dr. Pyniar made it his mission to ride for health and for the environment .

Upon his return from Germany in 2013, he joined the Bio-Tech department at St Anthony’s College here as a professor.

While his friends and colleagues would drive to work in the most comfortable modern cars, the assistant professor prefers to get around on his modest bicycle.

“It’s a fact that I love to ride. It’s a passion and the freedom to do my things at my own pace,” he said, joking that even Shillong’s worst traffic nightmares could never stop him.

He said apart from the passion he acquired from childhood, Dr Pyniar said cycling made him healthier and it was fun to feel the cold breeze hitting his face.

Dr Pyniar’s passion for driving has also inspired many young cyclists to take up cycling and that’s a big thing as environmental concerns are at their highest in 2022, a Meghalaya spokesperson said. Cycling Association.

The Association helped build bike racks at his college so he and other cyclists could park their bikes safely. The Association has also installed another bike rack at St Edmund’s College as many children also cycled to these educational institutions.

“We want to express our gratitude to Dr. Pyniar for his passion and love of cycling. We are moved by his commitment to cycling which has a beneficial effect on his health, his concerns for the environment and being the reason for one less car on the road. Congratulations to him for covering 40,000 km on his bike,” the MCA official said.

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