Crow Bicycles Introduces the Gravital Urbe SL 4 Electric Bike

Gravel bikes have grown in popularity in recent years, especially in the form of electric gravel bikes. We’ve seen quite a few manufacturers release their own renditions of the ideal electric gravel bike, with a fair number of them designed for the daily commute. One such example is the Gravital Urbe SL 4 from Spanish bicycle manufacturer Crow Bicycles.

At a glance, the Crow Gravital Urbe SL 4 looks pretty straightforward and utility-focused, and that’s because it is. It’s powered by the Ride 50 Trail, a motor produced by e-bike technology innovator Fauza, recently acquired by Porsche. In the case of the Gravital Urbe SL 4, the Fauza Ride 50 Trail allows the bike to tackle some light off-road terrain, while allowing it to be just as effective on pavement. The system is powered by a Fazua battery which is claimed to provide up to 75 miles of range on a single charge. Of course, this will greatly depend on how you ride, as well as the terrain of your ride.

Overall, Crow managed to keep the design of the Gravital Urbe SL 4 incredibly simple. With that simplicity, it tips the scales at a modest 15.7 kilograms, making it easy to get around town, as well as climbing a steep section of trail, if things get a little too much. Utility Creature Comfort includes a set of front and rear fenders to keep dirt out of the rider, plus a handy rear rack for just a pinch of added practicality. As is the case with most utility-focused e-bikes, the Gravital Urbe has no suspension, so sticking to the pavement for the most part might be a good idea.

Crow Bicycles Introduces the Gravital Urbe SL 4 Electric Bike

As for other features, the Gravital Urbe includes a bunch of Shimano components. For starters, a Shimano Alivio derailleur and shifter, SM-RT10 brake rotors and MT201 hydraulic brakes form the foundation of this bike. It gets a nine-speed transmission and an 11-42T rear cassette from MicroShift. The frame of the Gravital Urbe SL 4 is constructed entirely from aluminum ensuring maximum longevity and strength, while keeping the price a bit low. You’ll find that a road-focused geometry has been used, to suit the urban context, however, that doesn’t mean this bike can’t hold its own on the odd gravel road or light trail.

Naturally, when it comes to e-bikes, a lot of your money goes to the technology built into the battery and motor. Given that the Gravital Urbe SL 4 sports one of the most premium riding configurations on the market, its 4,000 Euro ($4,070) price tag seems fair enough.

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