Delfast, maker of 380km range e-bikes, has a new bike for deliveries

Delfast is no stranger to long-range e-bikes. The company now offers a new model specially designed for delivery people. It looks like with those specs, there might also be a lot of commuters lining up to buy the bike.

Delfast currently holds the world record for the longest distance on an e-bike on a single charge.

They set the record with their Prime e-bike with a range of 380 km (236 mi).

While that’s pretty impressive, most people don’t need that much range for an everyday e-bike. But one group of runners will never say no to more range: the delivery people.

That’s what Delfast had in mind when they designed their new e-bike, the Partner.

Delfast Partner Electric Bike

Delfast’s new Partner e-bike doesn’t quite have the same range as the Prime. But with a 150 km (93 mi) rating, it’s still well above the competition.

This impressive range comes from a large 48V 26Ah battery with a capacity of over 1.2kWh. The battery also has a Bluetooth BMS, which means you can check your battery capacity and health on your phone.

The Partner tops out at 45 km/h (28 mph), making it a Class 3 e-bike in the US or a speed pedelec in Europe.

And although Delfast won’t say it right away, no one should expect to get that 150km range while going 45km/h. You will need to slow down to achieve maximum efficiency.

The rear hub motor is listed as 750W, but it’s definitely one of those wink wink scenarios. With a 32A controller, the system will draw over 1500W of peak power during acceleration and climbing. This will definitely make for a wild ride, but could also be a range killer if not handled properly.

delfast electric bike partner

The bike itself is built on an enduro-style frame with long-travel suspension. There is an XCM fork up front and a DNM shock in the rear. It also has a built-in GPS tracker, although you need to provide your own SIM card for the tracking service.

The disc brakes are mechanical, not hydraulic, which is a bit surprising. For a $3,899 e-bike, I would have expected juice brakes. But I guess the 1.2kWh battery and high-powered motor/controller combo are expensive and don’t leave much room for too many fancy features with the price still under $4,000.

The bike is designed to appeal to companies that need fleets of motorcycles for deliveries. Delfast has also created an app with tracking features and other built-in capabilities that delivery companies will find useful for fleet management.

We caught up with Delfast to ask him about his pivot to the delivery business. But as Delfast communications manager Dima Buhanevyc explained to Electrek, this is not so much a pivot as a return to basics:

“Regarding our B2B move, Delfast itself was created as an eco-delivery company. We have used third party bikes to deliver tech items, gadgets, books, etc. in Kiev, Ukraine, and we have expanded to Poland. We had to find a bike that would be effective for our needs and since there weren’t really any on the market (we tested dozens of models), in the end we built it ourselves.

So we know the business and mindset of a logistics and delivery company – and we think this bike is a good fit for their typical needs. This is important because, according to various estimates, you can save up to $1.5-2000 each year by switching from a gas-powered car/bike to an electric car. So, it will eventually become the preferred mode of transportation for various companies that work in delivery and government services like the post office. On top of that, of course, you get an eco-friendly vehicle.

What do you think of the new Delfast Partner electric bike? Let us know in the comments below.

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