Drive and ride an electric bike and face the prison

Makassar Police: Driving and Riding an E-Bike and Facing Jail

Makassar city police in South Sulawesi have upheld a ban on using battery-powered e-bikes on the road with the threat of a year in jail for violating the rule.

Makassar Traffic Police Chief, Deputy Police Commissioner Zulanda explained that the types of motorized vehicles that can be used are regulated by Law Number 22 of 2009.

“In Articles 48 to 56, stipulates that vehicles using motorcycles must have technical requirements and be in working order, with a series of tests carried out by the government. If you pass, you will be issued a pass for the type test, after which you will only be registered for the single roof system (Samsat),” he said on Wednesday, July 13, 2022.

Zulanda explained that the law also regulates penalties for motor vehicle users who do not comply.

The criminal threat is in article 277, for assembly and modification of a vehicle that uses a motorcycle that does not meet the type test, with a prison sentence of one year or a fine of Rp 24 million,said Zulanda.

Sellers of electric bicycles can also be sanctioned, as provided for in article 55 and/or article 56 of the penal code.

So far, the police are still at the stage of appealing to sellers and users of battery electric bicycles. Police have called for no further sale or use of these types of bikes on the road.

“If the appeal and socialization are not heeded, strict measures will be taken against offenders and criminals,” he added.

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