Drunk man found lying on road: Rocky River Police blotter


Disorderly Driving: Morewood Parkway

On July 24, a caller reported a man on the ground on the road near the train tracks. Police arrived and found the 50-year-old man from Rocky River. The suspect showed signs of alcohol intoxication and admitted to having consumed alcohol that evening. He was cited for disorderly conduct while intoxicated and handed over to a sober adult to care for him until he was able to take proper care of himself.

Disorderly Driving: Wooster Road

At approximately 3:35 p.m. on July 23, a resident reported an unconscious male on the ground near her front door. Police arrived and found the 59-year-old Rocky River man on the ground next to a bicycle. He was breathing, smelled strongly of alcohol, but did not respond to officers. He woke up when paramedics arrived but did not know where he was or how he got there. The man was arrested for disorderly driving while intoxicated and detained until he is sober enough to take care of himself.

Theft, Beach Cliff Boulevard

On July 18, a resident reports that someone entered his garage through an unlocked window. The only item missing at the time of reporting was a portable speaker.

Flight, Bates Road

A resident reported on July 18 that her unlocked car had been entered the night before. A bag containing makeup, cash, gift cards and prescription drugs was missing.

Disorderly Driving: Hilliard Boulevard

On July 18, a resident reported that her friend was drunk and threatening to damage a car in the driveway after she threatened to break up with him. When the police arrived, they found the angry man, who had already thrown some of the complainant’s belongings into the house. While the victim didn’t want to press charges for criminal damages, the 46-year-old Sandusky man was arrested for disorderly driving while intoxicated.

Flight: Detroit Route

On July 21, a woman reported that her wallet had been stolen while shopping at River Square Mall the day before. She said she had the wallet at one store but when she went to pay at the next one it was missing. The wallet contained cash, credit cards and a driver’s license.

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