Dynaplug teases new tubeless plugs hidden in the handlebars

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Dynaplug’s patented tubeless tire plugs. The unique design that integrates the pointed edge of the insertion tool with the plug may not be the cheapest option, but in my experience it has proven to be the fastest to use , the easiest to insert and the most reliable to stay where it should (most obvious with road tire pressures).

The company’s Racer Pro tire jack tool is what I tend to take with me on just about every ride. It’s a tool that stores four plugs, each ready to be pushed through an unwanted hole in a tubeless tire. And while this tool is wonderfully compact, Dynaplug is currently working on a new storable version that might be pretty awesome.


Currently in the final design stages, this new drop-down version is designed to fit securely over the ends of a handlebar, be extremely quick to access and add minimal stack. Dynaplug already offers a tire plug stored on the handlebar with its Secret kithowever, the existing design sees the tool protrude from the ends of the bar, which the new version will improve.

The goal is to offer versions of the new pop-up tools for MTB and downhill handlebars. The unique design will use a small aluminum ring with grub screws which are tightened against the inside walls of the bar end (a shortened hex key will be supplied for installation). This ring will provide a thread for the Dynaplug screw-in tool.

The design can be a little fiddly to install but seems to be super secure.

The tool itself will be aluminum and feature the same double-sided socket insertion tools found on the Racer Pro. This means that a pair of bar ends will store four plugs ready to be inserted. The dropbar version will feature Dynaplug’s shorter road-specific insert tubes (designed for low-volume tires).

A quick play with the prototype displayed at Sea Otter Classic suggests the tool is incredibly quick and easy to remove and reinstall from the bar end, while being secure and rattle-free.

A version of this hidden handlebar grip kit is already seen in a collaboration with Btchn’Bikes, where the front sight has a mooring wire at each end. However, plug kits that have not yet been released will open up compatibility with the vast majority of handlebars on the market.

A similar design to the Racer Pro means each tool contains two sockets.
The MTB version is just as slim.

Pricing and availability of this US-made product is still to be confirmed. Dynaplug is likely to make the MTB version with a Cerakote finish, while the road (which is less likely to scratch) will be anodized.

A Klunker meerkat

Regarding Dynaplug, the company’s Instagram account often features a drunken meerkat ranting about the world’s problems. It’s weird in every way.

Aiming to raise funds for Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship (SBTS), the company is auctioning (or raffling?) a State Bicycle Co Klunker built with all sorts of fancy parts from Paul, White Industries, Thomson and Dingo Bags. Fundraiser details have not been released, but I figured the bike was well worth a share in the meantime.

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