Edmonds Police Blotter: October 25-31, 2022

October 25

Block 8600 200th Street Southwest: A citizen turned in a firearm for destruction.

Block 22400 Highway 99: Edmonds PD assisted another law enforcement agency with a warrant suspect. The suspect was taken into custody without incident.

Block 600 Edmonds Way: A vehicle has been stolen.

Block 1400 Olympic View Drive: Behavioral Health Contact.

Block 24100 Highway 99: Officers responded to a disturbance and theft charges were dismissed.

October 26

Block 22100 Highway 99: A suspect has been identified, located and arrested after a stolen vehicle was discovered at a motel.

20900 block 83rd Avenue West: A courier was found.

9200 block 192nd Place Southwest: Police responding to a welfare check request contacted a woman but she refused to speak.

7700 block 216th Street Southwest: An unlicensed juvenile driver was cited for reckless driving after causing a burnout collision at an intersection. The child’s father was also cited for allowing an unauthorized minor to drive.

200 Block 4th Avenue South: Police received a referral from Adult Protective Services alleging possible financial crime against senior citizens.

20900 Block 76th Avenue West: Police received a referral from Child Protective Services regarding possible abuse.

6500 block 172nd Street Southwest: An owner found a bicycle on his property.

Block 1100 Viewland Way: theft by deception reported.

Block 23600 Highway 99: A stolen U-Haul truck was found in a parking lot.

18900 block 84th Avenue West: The stolen identity was used to open an account.

Block 23600 Highway 99: A man stole items from a grocery store.

October 27

Block 24300 Highway 99: A man was broken into a local dealership.

8100 block 236th Street Southwest: A vehicle was stolen early in the morning.

7100 block 157th Street Southwest: A firearm was stolen from an unlocked vehicle overnight.

21800 block 82nd Place West: A vehicle was stolen overnight while parked on the street in front of a residence.

19200 block 86th Avenue West: Subject reported finding a hatchet in a shopping cart.

8900 block 238th Street Southwest: A concerned aunt called 911 about her nephew talking to her.

20000 block 82nd Avenue West: A subject’s mail, including ballots, was stolen from a mailbox.

7800 block 191st Street Southwest: A man’s belongings were stolen from his vehicle.

October 28

23800 block 78th Avenue West: A domestic dispute led to an arrest for fourth-degree domestic violence.

500 block 4th Avenue South: A subject reported that the taillight housing was broken on his vehicle.

8300 block 186th Street Southwest: A subject reported that someone had fraudulently applied for a loan in their name.

8400 block 244th Street Southwest: A man refused to leave a business and was arrested for trespassing.

Block 22000 Highway 99: A stolen vehicle was located at a gas station and the driver was arrested.

18500 Block 88th Avenue West: Victim reported stolen trolling motor from boat.

19000 block 83rd Avenue West: Police received a threat complaint made via a Facebook social media group.

21600 block 76th Avenue West: Subject reported suspicious circumstances during a hospital stay.

Block 23600 Highway 99: Items were shoplifted from a business.

Block 22000 Highway 99: A customer’s vehicle was stolen from a dealership overnight.

22700 block 105th Avenue West: Police responded to a verbal argument between a mother and her daughter.

10300 block 238th Street Southwest: A man broke into an RV and was chased away by the owner.

October 29

23600 block 102nd Place West: A woman was arrested after breaking into a residence.

Block 23607 Highway 99: A stolen vehicle has been recovered.

7900 block 189th Place Southwest: An unoccupied stolen vehicle was recovered for a nearby agency.

1000 block 9th Avenue North: A catalytic converter was stolen overnight.

21600 block 76th Avenue West: An unoccupied parked vehicle was struck by an unknown vehicle.

23700 block 102nd Place West: Police responded to a reported possible theft of a dog.

Block 21900 Highway 99: An intoxicated juvenile caused a disturbance and a fight broke out. Charges were dismissed for a minor who was intoxicated in a public place.

7900 block 236th Street Southwest: A verbal domestic dispute has been reported between a man and a woman.

7400 block 208th Street Southwest: A minor ran away from home.

Block 100 Main Street: Subject reported losing wallet in downtown Edmonds.

Block 7900 Lake Ballinger Way: A vehicle fleeing a traffic stop struck another vehicle.

October 30

Block 22500 Highway 99: A man was broken into a store after previously stealing from the location.

Block 8600 Bowdoin Way: A fugitive driver has been identified and charges have been dismissed.

23800 block 78th Avenue West: A wallet found in the front yard of a residence was taken to the police station for safekeeping.

8100 block 208th Place Southwest: A stolen vehicle has been recovered.

Block 24100 Highway 99: A woman who stole merchandise from a department store has been arrested for larceny and warrants.

8100 block 236th Street Southwest: Trespassing led to a warrant for your arrest.

7800 block 175th Street Southwest: A mailbox has been damaged.

21200 block 92nd Place West: A grown daughter and her father had an argument over the daughter’s drug addiction.

Block 9800 Edmonds Way: Behavioral Health Contact.

October 31

Block 600 Elm Place: A verbal argument was reported between a couple.

1600 block 9th Avenue North: A laptop delivery was stolen from a porch.

Block 50 Pine Street: A subject stole money from a landlord.

19800 block 86th Place West: A credit card was stolen from the mail.

1100 block 5th Avenue South: Rear license plates were stolen from a resident’s vehicle.

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