Electric bike manufacturer SONDORS will unveil an electric motorcycle next week

Sondors is starting 2021 with a bang by announcing the unveiling of the “final chapter in the SONDORS story” on January 14th. And the last chapter looks suspiciously like an electric motorcycle.

The SONDORS electric motorcycle is coming?

SONDORS debuted in 2015 with budget-conscious $500+ low-power e-bikes.

Since then, they’ve mostly shifted to e-bikes, except for that clumsy foray into three-wheeled electric cars that everyone seems to have forgotten about.

But in addition to rolling out several new high-powered e-bike models recently, the company now looks set to unveil an upcoming e-motorcycle.

They haven’t said the same, but SONDORS sent out a marketing email today with a teaser image of a motorcycle-shaped two-wheeler and the text “Save The Date. Join us live on Facebook as we unveil the latest chapter in the SONDORS story. You won’t want to miss this.

They’re right. I don’t want to miss it.

I don’t want to miss it so much, in fact, that I had to play around with the lighting in their teaser image to make sure I didn’t miss whatever.

While my first instinct was that this would be another SONDORS electric moped launch, the clues point to something bigger.

The outline of the bike screams moped or motorcycle, but a very stripped-down version of the image shows an obvious lack of pedals. There is also an unmistakable motorcycle shape on the body, housing a large battery in the central part of the frame like almost all electric motorcycles.

This little pixel looks more like a footrest than a pedal to me!

There’s also a motorcycle swingarm and rear monoshock that’s nothing like what you typically see on full-suspension e-bikes – even SONDORS full-suspension e-bikes.

Not to mention motorcycle tires, motorcycle forks, motorcycle mudguards, motorcycle headlights, etc.

And by playing around with the lighting even more, we can even start to see finer details such as what appears to be a rear hub motor.

A few more pixels in the pedal area, but they look like a kickstand outline to me

So, it may be speculation, but I think it’s pretty safe to say that SONDORS will soon have its first electric motorcycle.

What kind of performance can we expect? Will it be the unicorn of an e-motorcycle to finally deliver highway-speed riding at an affordable price? Will it beat the SONDORS three-wheel electric car in the market?

To these questions and many others, we do not yet have answers. But on January 14, I hope we’ll be a little wiser.

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