Electric Motorcycle vs Gasoline Motorcycle – A Detailed Look

Electric or petrol motorcycles; that is the question. If you’re like most motorcycle enthusiasts, the thought of switching to an electric bike has probably crossed your mind at some point. But is an electric motorcycle really made for you?

When it comes to electric motorcycles, like electric cars, there are a lot of misconceptions. Some people think they’re slow and underpowered, while others think you can’t take them on long rides. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at electric motorcycles and explore the advantages they bring over conventional gas-powered motorcycles.

Electric motorcycles look like stuff out of sci-fi novels, and people love it.

It’s cheaper to ride an electric motorcycle than gasoline

Gas prices are soaring. We all know how the global economy and political situation affect gasoline prices. Last year alone, gasoline prices were on average 56% lower. Taking into account the United States, the prices depend on the state, where California has the most expensive gas and Georgia the least expensive. No matter where you ride your gas-powered motorcycle, the price of gas will have you thinking about upgrading to an e-bike soon.

Electric vs Gasoline Motorcycle Maintenance

Think about all the maintenance of gas-powered motorcycles. Like any engine that runs on gas, which is basically dirty (not to mention the environmental impact), motorcycle tanks can rust, and then you need to electrolyze the motorcycle gas tank. Guess who doesn’t? Electric motorcycles.

Oil pump failures can lead to all sorts of expensive repairs on gas-powered motorcycles. Oil and oil filters should be changed every 2,000 miles due to contaminants and fuel impurities. If there is a carburetor, you should also perform carburetor cleaning and maintenance at least every six months.

Then we also have regulators/rectifiers, which are responsible for delivering the right amount of electrical current at the correct voltage for your bike. So that’s another thing that can break and need repair. Tire pressure, battery, constant chain inspections, cables… The list goes on.

What should you maintain in e-bikes? Keep it clean, turn it off when not in use, take care of the battery and keep it lubricated. That’s basically it.

Electric vs gasoline motorcycle.

Photo, Rahul Lal.

More comfortable and pleasant

An electric motorcycle is undeniably more comfortable and the ride is more enjoyable.

Gasoline motorcycles vibrate constantly, especially when waiting at a traffic light. Electric motorcycles don’t, providing a smoother ride that lasts the duration. Although electric motorcycles are not completely silent, they also allow for a quieter ride. You can cruise at night without waking your neighbors or enjoy the sounds of nature on your weekend ride.

We took a close look at Damon’s electric motorcycles to explore how innovative technology focused on motorcycle ergonomics makes riding even more comfortable. This has resulted in the revolutionary Shift technology used in electric models such as HyperSport motorcycles, allowing riders to change their position between sport and commuter positions with the push of a button. Unlike a gasoline motorcycle, you can choose your preferred position on the fly.

The power and sound of electric motorcycles

Nothing revs your engine (pun intended) better than this mighty vroom when you start your bike, and it hums beautifully underneath. Pure power gets your blood flowing. This also comes with noise pollution. Contrary to popular belief, electric bikes are not silent. They are QUIETER than gas bikes at low speeds, but if they reach high revs, you and everyone around you will hear them.

Electric Bike vs Gasoline Bike – Who Wins?

The bottom line is that electric motorcycles have a lot to offer riders. They are cost effective in this economy, quieter, have low maintenance costs and have a lower carbon footprint, making them a great choice for anyone looking for a new motorcycle. Especially if you want to be a CyberPunk and embrace the future.

So, if you are thinking of switching to an electric bike, now is a good time to do so. You will not be disappointed !

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