Energica electric motorcycles could get a new 180hp electric motor

Energica, the pride of Italy’s growing electric motorcycle manufacturing industry, already has one of the most powerful electric motorcycle transmissions on the market. But that hasn’t stopped the electric motorcycle company, which was acquired by Ideanomics earlier this year, from pushing the envelope with what appears to be an even more powerful electric motor.

The new engine was quietly revealed in NHTSA filings for the company’s upcoming model year motorcycles, and was first reported by The world of cycling Ben Purvis.

The documents are VIN decoders filed with NHTSA, which are a requirement for all automakers selling their vehicles in the United States.

Manufacturers create their own VINs based on a predetermined structure, with the freedom to choose certain coded sequences that relate to each model. Then they must provide NHTSA with a way to decode those VINs.

In Energica’s latest filing, a new level of engine power is revealed in the decode, delivering 134 kW (180 hp). Compared to Energica’s currently strongest offering of 110 kW (148 hp), this represents a jump in power of almost 22%.

Also keep in mind that electric motorcycles accelerate much faster than ICE-powered motorcycles of the same power level due to their significantly higher bottom torque and lack of shifting. That means the 180hp is likely to feel even more powerful than riders might expect.

The bike is likely to perform as well as almost any ICE-powered superbike on the market, especially off-road.

It’s unclear when Energica might unveil this new engine, but the upcoming EICMA motorcycle show in Milan is a good bet.

A new Energica Experia motorcycle?

The more powerful engine wasn’t the only major reveal in the documents. We’ve also heard of an upcoming model that will likely be based on the Experia platform, which was only unveiled earlier this year.

This bike is Energica’s first sport tourer, helping the manufacturer reach a new market category with a more comfortable, tour-friendly design.

We have no further indication of what kind of modifications might be made to this Experia-based derivative, but it would likely share the same frame and drivetrain as the existing Experia.

I had the chance to cycle in Italy earlier this year and it was an amazing experience. Compared to my past rides on Energica’s sportier offerings, the Experia was definitely more my style. These sport bikes are fun, but the Experia delivers a ride that makes me want to stay out longer.

And with all of Energica’s motorcycles including DC fast charging as a standard feature, staying out longer is definitely a possibility. A 30-minute break is all it takes to almost fully charge the battery.

Energica experia motorcycle ridden by micah toll
It’s hard work, but someone has to cycle through the beautiful Dolomites. I guess they twisted my arm enough…

Electrek’s Grasp

While the more powerful motor is certainly going to be exciting, the existing power in Energica’s sport bikes is already more than I could ever need. It’s fun to fly up to highway speeds in just over two heartbeats, but how much extra power is really needed?

I think I’m even more excited for the second reveal, which is potentially another Experia-based bike. As much fun as I had on this model, I really can’t wait to see what Energica might be planning for their brand new platform.

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