Fairfield will roll out a new bike lane in the Greenfield Hill section

FAIRFIELD, CT – The City of Fairfield will launch a new bike path in the Greenfield Hill area. The 18-mile bike path (https://www.strava.com/routes/11661013) will connect two existing cycle routes and will be marked with signs intended both to guide cyclists on the route to follow and to inform motorists of the need to be on the lookout for cyclists and to share the road by completely safe.

The Fairfield Health Department used funds from the state’s Preventative Health Block Grant (PHBG) to create Fairfield’s first official bike path in 2013 in partnership with several community organizations. The first bike path was about three miles in length. Since then, the Department of Health and the Fairfield Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee (FBPC), established in 2014, have partnered in the successful implementation of several cycling routes: the Library to Library route, the from the lake to the beach and the route from the shore. all of which can be found on the FBPC webpage: https://www.fairfieldct.org/bikeped.

“Research shows that people who have safe places to walk and cycle near their homes are more likely to get enough exercise,” said Santina Jaranko, assistant health director for community health at Fairfield Health. Department. “I am pleased that we can continue to expand our network of cycle paths across the city in partnership with the Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee.”

“Part of our committee’s mission is to work with our city leaders and residents to create the conditions that encourage walking, biking and rolling in our community,” said FBPC member Nate Rex. . “As an avid cyclist myself, I really enjoy riding these roads in Greenfield Hill and hope the new designated cycle path will encourage more people to get out and explore this area by bike.”

“I am very pleased that our City departments and volunteer committees are working together to implement the recommendations of our Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan and our award-winning Complete Streets Policy. The idea is to make our streets more accessible for all types of users. – people with disabilities, cyclists, runners, walkers – not just cars – to improve the quality of life for our residents,” said Brenda Kupchick, First Selector for the City of Fairfield.

Signage for the Greenfield Hill cycle path will be installed later this year. For more information on the Fairfield Health Department and the Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee, visit fairfieldct.org.

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