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When it comes to riding a bike, choosing the right bike is an essential first step. And for many riders, e-bikes offer a next-level experience.

Riders choose e-bikes for a variety of reasons, but the most motivating force is how much fun they make riding, says Trixie Koch, manager of Speedy Pete e-bikes at Lincoln.

“So many things that keep us from riding more consistently on an analog bike—injuries, hills, wind, fatigue—virtually disappear on an e-bike,” Koch says. “You can still get plenty of exercise on an e-bike, but it doesn’t feel like a chore.”

Studies have shown that people using e-bikes travel more miles and gain more benefits due to the enjoyment of the experience, Koch says.

“Our customers come back to us after riding for a while and are thrilled to share how the bikes have made a huge difference to them,” she says. “They love the freedom and the feeling of adventure and become ‘bikers’ even though they’ve never been before.”

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Beginners, don’t worry. Below, Koch answers frequently asked questions about e-bikes and how transformative they can be for riders.

Speedy Pete’s E-bikes in Lincoln is the area’s only exclusive e-bike store, offering a wide selection of makes and models.


What is the difference between an electric bike and a regular bike?

Electric bikes have the same features as traditional bikes, with the addition of electric motors powered by lithium-ion batteries. E-bikes offer varying levels of pedal assist that allow greater accessibility to our trails for people who are discouraged from cycling regularly.

Are there different models, sizes and speeds of e-bikes?

There is a range of models, sizes, speeds, frame styles, motors, components and accessories in the e-bike world to suit riders of all sizes and abilities. There are bikes for riding, exercising, taking the kids to daycare, hauling groceries home from the store, there are bikes designed for commuting to work, and bikes for hitting the trails off. road.

Road tests are offered seven days a week on all models in our sales area. We believe that while we can present options and answer questions, riding is believing. A test drive will really tell the customer which bike will offer the most comfortable pedal assist options, frame geometries and handlebar setups for the rider’s wrists, shoulders and back.



What is the difference between pedal assist and throttle?

A throttle moves the bike when the rider is not pedaling and is most often used to get the bike moving from a firm stop, especially on an incline. Pedal assist works with the rider’s pedaling to amplify their effort in addition to power and speed. There are different types of pedal assist that provide cyclists with a wide range of motor assistance. A hub/rear bike gives a rider enough of a boost, providing the easiest rides. A mid-drive bike is more intuitive, duplicating the torque provided by the rider.

How far can you go on a single charge?

A 500W hub/rear-drive e-bike will typically travel at least 40 miles per charge, but there are a myriad of conditions that will affect range, including terrain (hilly or flat), rider weight and weight. cargo, wind, etc. A mid drive is a more efficient assist system, so it’s common to see bikes with 70-80 miles per load range on these bikes.

What is the maximum speed on an electric bike?

The maximum permitted speed an e-bike can assist — and still be used on public footpaths and bike lanes — is 20mph via throttle, 28mph via pedal assist. Most cyclists do not approach these maximum limits when riding recreationally, although someone riding unassisted can still exceed 30 mph on leg power alone.

Do I need a driver’s license, registration and insurance for an electric bike?

No license or registration is needed if the bike has usable pedals, a motor that does not exceed 750W and has maximum assist speeds of (throttle) 20mph / (NOT) 28mph.

How much does it cost to rent an electric bike?

Speedy Pete’s rents e-bikes for $30/2 hours or $45/4 hours. (A refundable deposit of $100 is taken at the start of the rental.)

Are e-bikes seasonal or can they be used year round, even in Nebraska?

E-bikes can be used year-round, even in Nebraska, just like a traditional bike, with the added benefit of spending less time in bad weather.

Are electric bikes safe? Do they require you to wear a helmet and the same safety gear you would wear with a regular bike?

E-bikes carry the same risks as any cycling adventure, so we strongly recommend that you wear a helmet and other safety gear, such as reflective clothing and lights when riding at dawn/dusk/in darkness.

Is Speedy Pete the only e-bike distributor/seller in Lincoln? Nebraska?

While traditional bike shops stock a few e-bikes in the brands they carry, Speedy Pete’s is the only exclusive e-bike shop in the area. We have customers visiting us from Green Bay, Minneapolis, Bentonville, Denver, Kansas City and Chicago. We stock the largest selection of makes and models and have everything from full suspension mountain bikes to cargo bikes, hunting bikes, touring, gravel and commuter bikes, folding bikes and simply fun recreational rides.

What makes Speedy Pete unique or special in the e-bike market?

Speedy Pete’s stocks a wide variety of bikes, and the ability to test drive them before you buy means you can be sure the bike will be assembled correctly and safely for you, that it will fit you, and that it will be comfortable, and that you have made an excellent choice for the type of riding you want to do.

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