Festka supplies exclusive design bikes to Bangkok retailer

PRAGUE (BRAIN) — Czech carbon frame and bike maker Festka will supply bikes to Bangkok-based retailer Concept Speed, which is trying to meet demand in the growing Asian market. And Concept Speed ​​goes big with Festka’s pricey carbon models, which often feature spectacular paintwork and finishes.

“Where most bike shops interested in representing us start with no more than the two mandatory demo bikes, (Concept Speed) has ordered a few dozen in an exclusive design scheme,” said the Festka co-founder. , Michael Mourecek. “It was the largest order we have ever received.”

Southeast Asia is an important market for premium brands like Festka. Retailers like Concept Speed ​​or Kuala Lumpur’s Cyclist Wardrobe attract serious road cyclists who can be found up to 10,000 a day at a redeveloped Bangkok airfield.

Concept Speed ​​was founded half a decade ago by Peach Sukontarath as a premium cycling apparel retailer who also created her own clothing line.

“On the one hand, people in East, Southeast and South Asia have a very collectivist mindset, but at the same time they have a desire to stand out from the crowd by expressing their individuality in their hobbies and interests,” Sukontarath said. “A bicycle is an extremely personal object for many of them, and they like that it reflects their values, their perspectives and the environment in which they live (friends, home, work, etc.).

“What we see at Festka is a producer of very cool, fast and unique high-end road bikes. For them, Festka is a brand that puts craftsmanship and respect for the individuality of its customers at the top of its Agenda.”

Sukontarath intends to offer the exclusive Festka design schemes to other Thai and overseas dealers. To further highlight the special Festka models, Concept Speed ​​has produced cycling jerseys with the same design.

“Peach wanted me to use a specific blue color taken from the old CSPD store front and create a design that would represent the cycling community gathered around him,” said Festka Art Director Tom Hnida. “I found a solution where the community is symbolized by specs of glitter mixed into the paint and sealed with clear lacquer.”

Around 90% of Festka’s frames and complete builds that leave its production plant are exported, the company said, 80% of which are destined for customers outside the EU: Asia (China, Thailand, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines), United States, and Australia.

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