Fiido X e-bike verified to have split-in-two issue, recall issued

If you have a Fiido X electric bike at home, you now have a nice magnesium sculpture. That’s because the company issued an urgent notice for owners to stop using the e-bike after a frame fault was discovered that caused the bike to break in half.

The Fiido X e-bike was first unveiled last summer before launching a successful Indiegogo campaign. There he raised over $1 million when the $1,999 e-bike was initially pre-sold for a discounted price of $1,099.

The bike’s folding design uses a magnesium alloy frame with a low profile folding mechanism.

The design is much sleeker than most folding e-bike frames, but this sophisticated design apparently comes at a cost: strength.

Several Fiido X e-bikes have reportedly shown worrying fatigue marks in the bend area, with more than one breaking in half at the joint.

Fiido, the Hong Kong-based e-bike maker, said it suspended sales of the Fiido X model after receiving the first report of a faulty frame earlier this week.

After “more rigorous testing” in a test lab, the company confirmed the faulty nature of the frame and provided a statement urging current riders to stop using e-bikes.

The company promised more details to follow early next week, including recall details, a “user protection plan” and further technical analysis of the issue.

While the company is of course initially focusing on the safety of cyclists by urging an end to e-bike use, it also assures affected owners will be compensated based on details that have yet to be released.

Electrek reached out to several contacts at Fiido and received direct responses from the company’s PR team and CTO confirming the details listed above and ensuring that more information would follow by April 12.

Electrek’s Grasp

First off, if you have a Fiido X, don’t use it. It seems pretty clear.

As for reaction time, it looks like Fiido was pretty quick about it. I sincerely hope that no one has been injured on their e-bike, and I think such a short amount of time between the first notification of a problem and the recall notice will likely help prevent possible future injuries. .

As for the bike itself, I personally reviewed the e-bike and while I found some of the technology to be a bit too much, I really liked the design and the ride. It is a real problem that this type of defect was not detected earlier. Bikes are supposed to undergo specially designed accelerated structural tests to locate problems like these through repeated cyclic loading. Somewhere along the line there was failure.

This is all the more surprising given that Fiido has been building e-bikes and e-scooters for years. Most of their designs, however, are more conventional, using familiar materials and frame styles instead of creative but potentially more problematic innovative designs like that of the Fiido X.

Hoping that Fiido takes care of its customers and that no one else gets hurt on a defective product.

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