Five-year-old Ukrainian refugee gets a new bike

A five-year-old girl from Ukraine is thrilled with the new bike she was given after she left her life behind to escape Russian aggression.

Little Zlata and her mother Halina are among 300 Ukrainian refugees currently housed in Herefordshire after fleeing the Russian invasion.

Hereford Help for Ukraine helps Ukrainians seeking refuge in the county, including Zlata and her mother.

Today, one of the centre’s coordinators, Mariya Polova, gave Zlata a new bike to enjoy during her stay in Herefordshire.


Halina would like to thank the Hereford family who donated the bike through the centre.

Zlata is extremely grateful and the smiles on her daughter’s face speak volumes, she said.

Dean Granger and Johno Johnson are the two Ukrainian program officers based in the Three Elms warehouses.

“We really need to maintain these levels of life-saving assistance in this ongoing effort,” Granger said.

Dean Granger (left) and Johno Johnson are the two Ukrainian program officers based at the Three Elms warehouses

“Now, of course, with the Ukrainians housed in Hereford, we are committed to meeting their needs here.”

Bicycles are an essential part of that, as well as important for social activities, recreation and exercise, Granger said.

So far the group has sent over 120 tonnes of aid from our Three Elms unit to Ukraine, all graciously donated by the brave people of Hereford.


“Any donation of usable bikes in good clean condition would be greatly appreciated.”

Spare bicycle helmets and other accessories such as lights, repair kits, repair kits and locks are also necessary.

Hereford Lions Club has also worked with refugees across the county and provided a selection of mobility aids to Hereford Help for Ukraine.

Lion Terry Williams said: “Most of the refugees will be mothers and children, but some older people among them may be disabled and in need of assistance.”

The volunteers are well prepared with a warehouse full of clothes and all the rest of the refugees.

Mr Granger said: “We had already made 14 trips with vital supplies to the Ukrainian border and we are now ready to support refugees as they arrive in the county.

“Without so much goodwill from Herefordians, we could not continue to do what we are doing to help Ukrainians settle in the county and we also continue to provide large amounts of aid both at the Ukrainian borders and to Ukraine.”

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