Florian Nicolai announces his intention to take a break from racing

Florian Nicolai has revealed on social media that he will miss the Petzen-Jamnica race this weekend as he plans to take a break from racing.

After entering his 10th racing season, Florian said he struggled with the mental side of the sport and did not feel able to fully commit to the risks of racing. Florian made the difficult choice to take a break from racing to refocus on his family and will miss round two of the EWS.

Since their creation at @world_enduro in 2013 I have participated in all rounds, and I think I am one of the few in this situation, with strong moments, but also harder moments made of stress and sacrifices. As I begin this 10th season, a certain mental wear and tear has unfortunately set in.

Beyond that, the necessary commitment and the risk-taking essential to this sport no longer correspond to my current state of mind… I’m going to be a dad ‍‍ and I want to take a break to refocus on my family . I want to enjoy every moment of this wonderful Adventure!

It is therefore with great sadness that I will not be at the start of the race in Austria this weekend.

This summer will be the time for me to recharge my batteries, recharge my energy and my positive vibes to come back stronger physically and mentally with lots of projects for the future.

I prefer to be honest and clear with my current partners, @bh_bikes but also @dvosuspension @tayachain @michelinbicycle and all the others, in making this decision at the start of the season. Thank you for your support in good times and bad. I hope I can count on your understanding.

I would also like to thank my family and friends who have supported me for so many years!

See you soon on your bike or in your stroller

Florian Nicolai

Photo: Matt Wragg/Rocky Mountain

We wish Florian good luck in his projects.

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