“Green Shopping” Earn High Cash Back Rates With Visa FutureCard

The FutureCard Visa® Card* is a payment card whose mission is to financially incentivize people to make more climate-friendly choices in their daily lives.

After spending time on Kenyan farms and witnessing the devastation of climate change, Jean-Louis Warnholz, co-founder of Future, said he had become “obsessed” with the disconnect between climate change and incentives. economic.

“It’s become clear that nothing I’ve done as a development economist is going to really matter because climate change is threatening all of that in ways I just didn’t really realize. “Warnholz told CNET.

The FutureCard was created to help consumers make more sustainable and environmentally friendly purchases. With the FutureCard Visa, you earn 5% cash back on public transport, electric vehicle charging, bicycles, scooters, second-hand clothes and furniture, and meat, dairy and plant-based eggs. And if you make a misclassified durable purchase, Future will work with you to correct the purchase so you get the high refund rate.

However, this card is not a credit card; instead, you’ll need to pair it with your Bank account. It means it does not charge interestand you don’t have to worry about a credit score register. Payments are due in full at the end of each billing cycle, and the card will write off your account if you do not submit payment yourself. Purchases made on the FutureCard will not affect your credit score.

Read on to learn more about FutureCard’s cashback program and how to get your FutureScore, which is akin to a “credit score for your climate impact.”

Visa FutureCard

  • Monthly fee: Nothing
  • Reward rate: 5% on the charging of electric vehicles, second-hand clothing and furniture, public transport, bicycles and scooters; 6% off Rad e-bikes; 1% on everything else
  • ATM fees: Nothing
  • What you need to apply: Bank account

The FutureCard cashback program

You will earn 5% cash back on electric vehicle charging, public transport, bicycles and scooters (rental and purchase), second-hand clothing and furniture and plant-based meat, plant-based milk and vegan eggs. You will get 1% on all other purchases. As a bonus, FutureCard offers 6% cash back on any Rad Power Bike.

Electric vehicle charging matters for all brands, whether it’s a Tesla supercharger or a charging station from EVGo, Electrify America, ChargePoint or others. Buying from thrift stores, which can reduce carbon emissions by “80% or more, depending on the merchant,” according to Warnholz, includes second-hand purchases from Lululemon, Patagonia and REI at your local independent thrift store.

There are currently 50,000 brands in the US – and counting – where you earn 5% cash back. And if you spend money on something you think should qualify for 5% cash back, you can upload your receipt through the app to get a correction. For example, if you go to a niche thrift store that Future doesn’t already have on its radar, let it know and it will work to add the store to its database and add retroactively the 5% cash back you earned for that purchase.

Obtaining the high reimbursement rate for plant-based foods such as meat, dairy and eggs is currently a manual process. To earn the 5% cash back, you will need to upload your grocery receipt to the platform.

What is a FutureScore?

You don’t need a FutureScore to get the FutureCard, or vice versa, but it’s a handy app that gives you insight into how your decisions affect climate change and gives you tips on how to improve.

Your FutureScore calculates the impact of your lifestyle on the environment based on local behavioral norms. According to Warnholz, it incorporates more practical details to measure your carbon footprint than similar scoring systems.

You can find the Future app, called FutureScore: Climate Impact, on iOS only (but the FutureCard can be accessed from any device, not just those running iOS). On the app, you’ll complete an onboarding survey to get your FutureScore, which will take into account your postcode, household size, transportation habits, second-hand purchases, energy usage and more . You can even upload grocery receipts for the algorithms to get a more complete picture of your carbon footprint.

A FutureScore above the average makes you eligible for prizes – like an e-bike – or discounts from participating businesses. Future intends to continue modifying and gamifying this system to better motivate change towards more climate-friendly choices.

*All Visa FutureCard information has been independently collected by CNET and has not been reviewed by the issuer.

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