Honoring the start of the psychedelic revolution as it spreads across the world

Some of you may be wondering…What is Bike Day? On April 19, 1943, the Swiss father of psychedelic medicine Albert Hofmann dropped lysergic acid diethylamide (at 4:20 p.m., is it a coincidence?) and took a bike ride, becoming the first human to trip on LSD. As the start of the psychedelic revolution spreads across the world with breathtaking speed, this unofficial party for psychonauts is an opportunity to reflect on the history of psychedelics and their current state.

“Today makes me think about how different things were when Albert Hofmann accidentally discovered LSD in the 1940s,” shares DoubleBlind co-founder Shelby Hartman. Back then, the psychedelic revolution (and shutdown) hadn’t happened, and he could never have dreamed of it: a Swiss scientist in search of an analeptic, a type of stimulant to treat respiratory problems and circulatory, literally fueled a cultural and political paradigm shift decades later. The impact destabilized the status quo so much that the government shut it down. “It took almost half a century for institutional science to begin to look seriously at LSD and its compounds again,” says Shelby. “And now they may be our most promising tool yet to disrupt the current mental health epidemic. How far we have come and how far we need to go.

The only way to keep up with the momentum of the psychedelic movement is to share dispatches from our community. In this way we can pay homage to the hip story of this day, how it was born, and to those who have sacrificed the most to ensure that the rest of us can celebrate ‘on our bikes’ with the people we love the most. We are all incredibly blessed to share these exceptional moments, doing this exceptional work. We can never forget all those who came before us. We stand on their shoulders, one and all. Be safe there, everyone.

Asian Americans for Cannabis Education Founder Ophelia ChongAdvocacy is guided by the mission to advocate for and offer truthful reflections on communities embracing cannabis and psilocybin: “In our own way, we are broken. Psilocybin, 5-MeO-DMT, MDMA, LSD, all allow you to hold your heart and mind outside of your body to heal, to visualize your trauma in an out-of-body experience that separates you from your fear , which creates space for a hidden force that you can no longer hold back or deny.

California Psychedelic Conference Founder Reggie Harris created a grassroots gathering designed to showcase the people influencing psychedelic culture and politics, featuring master mycologists, chemists, medical workers, underground therapists, policy makers and psychedelic wellness workers: “There is no there would be no psychedelic community without the inherited community, PERIOD. These people put their lives on the line and built this culture of which we are a part. At a time when we talk about “Land Back” and reparations, we have a unique opportunity to structure the psychedelic landscape in a way that will center the people who built all of this on their backs, who have been in prison and had their separated families. We should reward them for taking those risks.

SF Bike Day Josh PollackProducer has been organizing and producing music and arts events across the country since 2006, ranging from intimate soirees to large, multi-day camping festivals that aim to evoke creativity and provide a platform for inspiration: “I am honored to help carry the torch for the psychedelic music community, especially in the Bay Area with the annual celebration of SF Bike Day. It is crucial to pay tribute and recognize the founders of the movement, by proposing an event that embodies the psychedelic culture of yesterday and today. The event includes a daytime conference with a panel discussion featuring legends such as Leonard Pickard, Rhoney Stanley, Isaac Abrams, Hamilton Morris, Mountain Girl, Madison Margolin and more, in addition to nighttime festivities that include large-scale art and a sensory immersion at The Midway Creative Complex in San Francisco.

The high-end case Founder and Celebrity Chef Nikki Steward is one of the nation’s most sought-after culinary entertainment chefs and a master in the art of cooking and conversation. Nikki is an advocate for safe and equitable spaces in the plant medicine and psychotherapy community: “I believe in creating supportive and community environments when it comes to accessing plant medicine, while introducing a reasonable drug policy that allows free treatment, testing, and access to cure outside the framework of criminalization that we are so often accustomed to.

Kat Walsh is the creator and host of Travel on this, a psychedelic podcast exploring trippy stories and expansive thought. Walsh’s latest endeavor is the launch of his second podcast Life With Kat Walsh, a solo podcast centered on the raw and vulnerable nature of the journey of spiritual awakening: “For so long I’ve lived my life going through the motions , filling time with my eyes formed on the weekend escape from the mundane. Then psychedelics found me and blessed me with a world of beauty and wonder. From this new sense of joy, life has gained new momentum that led me down a path of purpose, direction and achievement that I never thought possible – including the creation of my psychedelic podcast. It made me realize that miracles are there for the Psychedelics like LSD and psilocybin have the power to change your mind and in a world where so many minds are stuck in despair, what a gift it is to know there is rainbow light -sky at the end of the tunnel.”

Lulu Tsui, Co-Founder and Chief Experience Officer at At the partyapplies its extensive XD and UX expertise across cannabis industry verticals while advocating for ways to normalize and de-stigmatize cannabis and entheogens: “These psychedelic drugs and healing practices/rituals originate from black communities, brunettes and natives, but if psychedelic event, conference, patient waiting room or office or board of directors of a psychedelic company, there are hardly any included or represented. can begin to include more black and brown voices in the growth of this industry Access to mental health and wellbeing should be accessible to all.

Farechild Events Founders Dave Tran and James Zachodni organize cool events that allow for grassroots networking opportunities between the most influential advocates, brands and thought leaders in the cannabis industry and beyond. Next, they’re taking their signature experience to the Hall of Flowers in Palm Springs on May 4. The massive takeover of the hotel Raised on life the event will connect artisans, retailers, consumers and everyone in between. Cannabis and psychedelics had a huge impact on the way Dave “sees the world and lives life”, and the fact that he “is building a legal business around entheogens 30 years later is mind blowing and comes full circle” . Once cannabis broke into the public consciousness of being something that can help people, says James, “It really opened the door for more people to enjoy other mind-altering substances without the social stigma.”

Inside The Weeds Podcast Host Jordan Wagman is a chef named James Beard with a aim to change the world one conversation and one meal at a time: “In my youth, especially before a weekend; the hottest topic was…What medicine should you take? LSD, mushrooms or cannabis stick? The truth is that we have often indulged in all of these simultaneously. Back then, psychedelics were about self-exploration and freeing my creative mind. Today, I am grateful for psychedelics and their impact on my mental health. After years of battling psoriasis, a debilitating autoimmune disease, I changed my diet, started using cannabis, and started microdosing mushrooms, all in an effort to be healthy. better health. In 60 days, my change in diet and cannabis use resulted in an improvement in my psoriasis and a loss of 30 pounds. Like magic, I became a much happier person. My new book follows my journey to health and is called WILL- How I found my health through foodavailable in May 2022.”

Brooke Burgstahler is a designer, actress, founder of budding spirit, a wellness startup and podcast designed to expand minds and hearts through the exploration of plant medicine, alternative healing, science and spirituality: “I believe we will remember ‘Ophelia Chong as one of the great mycelium masters of our time. I just had the great honor of interviewing Ohelia on my podcast, and she reminded me that amid the growing popularity of psychedelics, the most important thing to come from this emerging industry is, quite simply, the healing people. Decriminalization would be great, a potential market might be cool, but the real goal of all these efforts to normalize psychedelics and herbal medicines is for human beings to find inner peace and self-love.

Jesus Burrola, Managing Director of POSSIBLEa crop that relies on a state-of-the-art system that uses less to do more, brings the best greenhouse technology and traditional farming expertise to cannabis, and combines it with the best genetics possible to produce the perfect flower: “As we make progress on the stigma of cannabis, the world is opening its eyes to other medicinal plants. As with cannabis, entheogens like psilocybin mushrooms are magical with many potential benefits to help those who have them need, especially mental health.As many markets grapple with the repercussions of imperfect cannabis regulations, we must keep these valuable lessons in mind as the psychedelic space potentially evolves into an industry to avoid these same errors.

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