How many of these old Newport shops do you remember?

More than 50 years ago, in the 1960s and 1970s, Newport was a hive of activity, which boasted a unique collection of shops, where most of what you needed could be bought.

National and local shops existed side by side, long before the county council decided to start charging for parking or the birth of internet shopping – both of which contributed to many changes on the high street.

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Among the once popular high street shops which have now disappeared was Woolworths – on Saturdays in particular the store was packed as it was one of those shops where you could buy almost anything.

Dabell’s was a different store than you may know today. Photo: David White.

Today most people associate Dabell’s with flooring, but it was also the name of the Isle of Wight’s leading clothing and fashion store with its own ‘Zarina’ brand.

Spanners was another old and well-established clothing store, while Bakers was a high street bicycle store.

Many will remember Courts which was a leading home furnishing store and other well known local names included Millidge the Chemist, Speeds Woolen Store, Alderslade House Decorations and Paintings and Home Furnishings Wadhams.

Some Isle of Wight towns have retained their unique character and traditional shops more successfully than others.

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