Iconic Portland frame builder Chris Igleheart retires in France

After decades of building bike frames and the iconic New England segmented fork design, Portland, Oregon framebuilder Chris Igleheart has closed his business. Chris moved to France to ride his bike and enjoy life.

Chris started building and welding for Fat City in the early 80’s when mountain biking was in its infancy in the United States. He created the now-legendary segmented fork design of the first Fat City mountain bikes and was deeply involved in New England cycling culture. His connection to building bicycle frames can be directly linked to other famous east coast builders like JP Weigle and Richard Sachs.

Chris moved to Portland, Oregon in 2012 where he continued to build his own frames and forks. He worked alongside Joseph Ahearne at Street Cycles Pagewelded for Breadwinner Cycles and builds many forks for happy riders around the world under the Igleheart brand.

Fellow framebuilder Ira Ryan of Breadwinner Cycles says, “Chris is one of the kindest, humblest humans out there, and a damn great welder, too.” The Breadwinner Cycles and Igleheart stores were across from each other in Portland.

Breadwinner Cycles has purchased some of the manufacturing machinery and materials and will continue to build segmented steel forks to the same standards that Chris has become famous for.


More information on Chris’ story can be found here: ahearnecycles.com.

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