Interview with the CEO of WAVE on wireless charging of electric buses – Part 2

This is Part 2 of my interview with WAVE (Wireless Advanced Vehicle Electrification) CEO Aaron Gillmore. If you haven’t read part 1, you can do so here. In Part 2, Aaron and I talked about:

  • WAVE tracking order with Twin Transit
  • Universal Studios Hollywood WAVE command
  • How an EV charges with WAVE
  • Load while queued
  • Contra Costa County Transportation Authority
  • The sky’s the limit for wireless charging

WAVE tracking order with Twin Transit

Image courtesy of WAVE

Last month, WAVE secured a follow-on order from Twin Transit which completed the installation of a 250kW WAVE high-power wireless charging system at its Mellen Street electronic transit station in June 2021. The second order includes two additional WAVE 250 kW wireless charging systems. , which look like little square rugs on the sidewalk.

Twin Transit rolled out two buses and, as an existing WAVE customer, wanted to try out the new technology, Aaron explained, adding that he was excited about it. One of the advantages of the wireless charging system is that there are no cables required, which helps reduce labor issues.

“These cables can actually get quite big and heavy, especially the higher wattage you go to. Since you can only push so much amperage through the connector that physically connects, in some cases to push enough power you need to have two or maybe even three plug-in chargers for a bus or a truck.

He explained that although there are other options, many fleets are concerned about this because they cannot cross zoning with large obstructions in certain areas. Also, the cables are mechanical, so when they break, it takes a while for the system to descend and connect to the top of the bus to recharge it.

“Wireless was really something they were passionate about and now with this order it’s kind of proof of that. They’ve tested the system. They know what’s out there in terms of all the different opportunities and they want to come back and go wireless again.

Aaron told me that Twin Transit is in the next phase of its electrification. The transport authority plans to add four more electric buses to the fleet and add two more WAVE charging systems.

“It’s on its way to really electrifying their entire fleet and that’s kind of what I see in the industry. Of course, they don’t do it all at once. Fleets do this as their diesel vehicles run out. They have this cycle in and out and that’s what we’re doing.

“So Twin was a real opportunity to show that customers who experience the technology and realize all the benefits come back and decide to transfer their entire fleet to a wireless type fleet.

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