Introducing Gogobest XF200, a powerful electric bike

(Pocket-lint) – Electric bikes are becoming more and more popular as they are a convenient and environmentally friendly form of transport. They are safer and more powerful than scooters, and the electric motor allows you to travel long distances without relying solely on your calf muscles. Although there are many electric bikes on the market, Gogobest’s Bezior XF200 is undoubtedly one of the most compact and powerful of the lot.

Gogobest is currently offering a massive discount on the Bezior XF200, so now is the perfect time to get yourself an e-bike. The Bezior XF200 is initially priced at €1449.99, but is currently available for just €1299.99 with the code NAE9YY8, while Gogobest is also offering a family activity sale between June 6 and June 30 to check out. . We give a brief overview of the different features of the Bezior XF200 in this article.

Foldable bike

The Bezior XF200 is a foldable bike, which makes it ultra-portable. It weighs only 27 kg and you can fold the bike in three different angles: the pedals, the handlebars and the frame. Once you have folded all the different parts of this bike, you can easily transport it on your long rides. You can also carry it in elevators or place it in a small part of your home, making sure it doesn’t take up a lot of space.

Power, speed and battery

The Bezior XF200 is extremely compact, but it is powered by a 1000W brushless motor which allows it to reach 40 km/h in seconds and climb slopes of up to 35%. In assisted pedaling mode, the 48V/15Ah battery offers a range of 130km, and you can even pull up to 50km in all-electric mode. Charging this e-bike is incredibly easy – you can remove the 3.5kg battery from the frame when it needs charging, so you don’t necessarily have to plug the e-bike into a wall outlet. You can recharge the battery in 6-7 hours, which should give you several weeks of use, depending on your usage.

Suitable for all conditions

The frame of the Bezior XF200 is made of 6061 aluminum with T4T6 heat treatment, which makes it incredibly light but resistant to extreme temperatures, rust and corrosion. The front forks of the bike have suspension and oil springs, and the bike has wide wheels, which makes it suitable for rough terrain. Moreover, the disc brake can bring the bike to a complete stop within 30 seconds even when riding at a high speed. The battery is also protected, so you don’t have to worry about it being damaged by rain or dirt. All things considered, the Bezior XF200 can withstand rain, temperature extremes, rough terrain and more.

Optimize energy consumption

The Bezior XF200 features a 48V/15Ah battery with a large capacity battery that is neatly hidden within the frame, so it is not exposed to harsh environmental elements. Depending on the level of pedaling assistance you need, you can take this e-bike from 50km to 130km on a 6-hour charge. You can connect the bike to the fuselage charging hole or charge the battery separately – it’s your decision. In addition, the L-Drives sine wave vector control system efficiently controls signals from sensors, batteries and motors to optimize your bike’s energy consumption.

Three innovative driving modes

The Bezior XF200 comes with 3 built-in driving modes – electric mode, electric assist mode and drive mode. You can simply twist the handle to switch to electric mode, and you can easily switch to the other modes with gear position and foot, seamlessly changing riding modes to suit your scenario. Electric mode lets you ride without using the pedals, drive mode lets you ride like a traditional bike, and electric assist is a combination of the two. You can also moderate your pedal force to automatically change the speed boost mode, speeding up or slowing down with the utmost ease.

Optimal ergonomics and comfort

The Bezior XF200 has an optimized ergonomic design with an enlarged, contoured seat that is wide and comfortable. The seat position allows you to maintain a sporty posture. It also includes 20×4.0 all-terrain flat tires, and the width reaches 10 cm, thus ensuring a totally comfortable and bump-free ride. Anti-slip and anti-vibration tires also protect you when the ground is wet with rain and mud. The LED lights are also incredibly bright and powerful, giving you full visibility at night.

The Bezior XF200 is one of the most powerful, foldable and reliable electric bikes on the market. While it was initially priced at €1449.99, Gogobest is currently offering it at a discounted price of €1299.99 when you use the code NAE9YY8. The same code will also get you a three-piece set including the bike, a smart bike pump and a rear rack for just €1458.97, which could also be great if you want a few accessories.

If you are interested in this bike, we suggest you claim the discount while you still can!

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