It’s e-bike week on BikeRadar!

Welcome to Electric Bike Week on BikeRadar.

E-bike technology has developed at a rapid pace over the past decade and motor-assisted bicycles now cover just about every cycling discipline, from e-mountain bikes and e-road bikes to electric hybrids and to turbocharged electric gravel bikes.

According to the latest figures, e-bikes now account for 23% of all bike sales, and we have increased our e-bike coverage accordingly.

In fact, we’ve reviewed over 175 e-bikes on BikeRadar. This year we added an eMTB category to our 2022 Bike of the Year mega-test, with Alex Evans taking charge of this burgeoning segment in conjunction with MBUK magazine, while Warren Rossiter got to grips with the latest electric roads, gravel and transport bikes for BikeRadar and Cycling Plus.

The best e-bikes have the power to change lives, from encouraging new riders to take up the sport we love, to playing a vital role in shaping the world’s perception of urban mobility. They can break down barriers, provide the model for a sustainable future and ultimately put smiles on faces.

Over the next seven days, we’ll be celebrating all things e-bike and, with that, delivering e-bike content throughout the week.

We’ll bring you in-depth buying guides, expert advice on how to get the most out of your machine, reviews of the latest models on the market, and analysis of the role of e-bikes in the future of transportation.

On top of that, we’ll hear from riders whose lives have been transformed by e-bikes, as well as shine a light on brands that are changing the game in e-bike technology.

Stay tuned all week for more – or head to BikeRadar’s e-bike hub for the latest e-bike content.

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