Juiced Bikes’ new retro e-bike goes faster and farther for less money

There’s a new trend in the world of plug-and-play e-bike design: retro minibike-style e-bikes. A few years ago, Lithium Cycles released its Super 73 electric bike with a design reminiscent of something between an old minibike from the 1980s and a Honda Ruckus. Unimoke followed that up with a strikingly similar design, which was then followed by a redesign and a price drop on the original Super 73.

Now, California-based Juiced Bikes is getting in on the action with their own offerings in the same category.

Juiced Bikes has just launched pre-orders for three new models in its new Scrambler line: Camp, City and Hyper Scramblers.

Each of the bikes incorporates an aluminum box style open frame with long bench seat, high power 52V Li-ion battery, built-in super bright front light, advanced LED display, 20″ wheels with fat 4″ tires , hydraulic brakes and a suspension fork to smooth out the ride.

The exact specs differ between models, however, and let you choose how crazy you want your new vehicle to be.

The Camp Scrambler is the entry model and features a 750W rear hub motor and a gloss red frame. It is designed to work well to on both roads and trails thanks to its generous 4″ all-terrain tires, and has a top speed of 28 mph (45 km/h), making it a Class 3 e-bike in the US. United.

Sorry Europeans, this one might not be for you.

The Camp Scrambler’s included 13 Ah (673 Wh) Li-ion battery is sufficient for a range of 51.5 km.

The City Scrambler replaces spoked wheels and brilliant Camp Scrambler red frame with mag wheels and a matte black frame. This too avoid off-road tires for the more conventional road tires, though they’re still an impressive 4 inches wide.

The rest of the City Scrambler matches the Camp Scrambler, with a 750W MAC rear hub motor, 13Ah (673Wh) battery and a top speed of 28mph (45kph). Both e-bikes include a coil-suspended front fork.

The City and Camp models are available to pre-order for just $999 with free shipping in the US, which is a steep discount from their retail prices of $1,699.

For those who aren’t satisfied with the already high power and higher speeds of the City and Camp models, Juiced Bikes has a third option for you.

The Hyper Scrambler is an upgrade in almost every way. Forget that paltry 750W motor. The Hyper features a 1100W MAC rear hub motor that can propel you up to 55 km/h (34 mph). There aren’t many places where such a fast e-bike is street legal, so consider this model to be off-road only and for use on private property, unless you plan to. register it as a moped (if the laws allow it).

To power the Hyper’s more powerful motor, this model includes a higher capacity 19 Ah (984 Wh) Li-ion battery that is rated for a range of 56 km. The Hyper also sports a brushed aluminum frame and a return to 4-inch all-terrain tires. The front fork is upgraded to an air suspension setup.

The headlight is also upgraded from the 1100 lumen lamp found on Camp and City bikes to an 1800 lumen model better suited for off-road conditions.

The sportier Hyper Scrambler has a retail price of $2,899, but is also available for a pre-order discount of just $2,299.

The bikes are apparently “one size fits all”, although taller riders will benefit from adjustable handlebars and a long bench seat that lets you choose your positioning to fit the bike.

If you don’t plan on taking the entire bench seat yourself, you could probably carry a passenger in the bench seat with you. Although with a total rated capacity of 275 lbs (125 kg), you and your girlfriend will need to be at the smallest end of the scale.

Electrek’s Grasp

I’m actually a big fan of this new style of electric minibikes. Where I live in Tel Aviv, 20 inch folding e-bikes are everywhere because the smaller wheels allow for more cargo space and the rear rack has enough room for a passenger at a reasonable height, although several times I saw three or four people crammed onto these little e-bikes.

Instead of trying to cram cargo and passengers onto a folding e-bike that was definitely not intended for that purpose, these minibike-style e-bikes are perfect for both tasks.

The main downside I can think of is that taller people will probably complain that the “one size fits all” mantra isn’t really true, yada yada yada…

Well, maybe you should have thought about that when you ate all your vegetables as a kid. Now excuse me while I put my 5’7″ (1.70m) on one of these awesome bikes and go get my wife!

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